Can Goku beat Superman with ultra instinct?


Can Goku beat Superman with ultra instinct?

Can Goku beat Superman with ultra instinct?

1 Winner: Ultra Instinct Goku Superman can't match up to him in terms of reflexes, speed, and agility, which means Goku might be able to block any attempt of an attack from one of DC's strongest characters while landing some heavy blows of his own.

Can Goku beat Superboy Prime?

10 Superboy-Prime Is Just Too Powerful For Goku Superman can beat Goku, but this is a fact that most Dragon Ball fans can't admit. ... Goku is good, but he wouldn't be able to survive Prime's initial onslaught.

Who is stronger Goku vs Superman?

Mutant Equality yea superman was defeated by doomsday, but Goku lost to Cell when he had help. Goku's died several times but Superman has only died once and also came back stronger. Again, to reiterate what I said above- Superman was once shown to be strong enough to shatter the very concept of reality.

CAN THE MASK beat Superman?

The Mask's power is magical in nature, one of Superman's main weaknesses. Beyond that, Superman's weakness to Kryptonite is well known and The Mask would probably know that. Conjuring up some Kryptonite would be quite easy for The Mask and that would be that. Superman would go down.

Is Superboy-Prime stronger than Superman?

Superboy-Prime is stronger than just about anyone in the universe and even has more powers than Superman. The only way that Superman beat him in Infinite Crisis was for both men to have the power of the yellow sun gone and their powers depleted and it was Superman's experience that helped him win.

Which is better, Goku or Superman Prime?

The fact he’s fighting superman prime, ultra instinct is pretty much guaranteed to come out. And even if there power is equal, goku is a martial arts master of the highest degree and superman is not. Superman will always have the advantage in thinking speed ( he has a superbrain too), but against ultra instinct that’s just pointless.

Why did Goku beat Superman in Dragon Ball Z?

From Goku's limitless potential to Superman's infamous weakness to Kryptonite, here's why Goku would ultimately defeat the Son of Krypton. This old argument can finally be put to rest! Or, at the very least, possibly swayed in one direction.

Who is stronger, Goku or strange visitor?

The Superman vs Goku battle continues. Strange Visitor is either the second or third strongest version of Superman there is after Cosmic Armour Superman (who would easily destroy Goku and the entire DBS universe). Goku has now reached a level that even Gods can’t attain and has finally surpassed Beerus.

Why did Goku not use kryptonite against Superman?

Kryptonite is at the bottom of our list, however, because Goku wouldn’t use it. Like Superman, he's a good, honest guy and always wants a fair fight. He wouldn’t do something underhanded... unless, of course, Superman was evil.

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