Who is the real love of Goku?


Who is the real love of Goku?

Who is the real love of Goku?

Chi-Chi is the love interest and later wife of Son Goku of the Dragon Ball franchise....Chi-Chi.
Love Interest
HobbyGrooming Gohan to be a scholar, training Goten
GoalsHave Gohan become a scholar
Type of Love InterestWife

Who has a crush on Goku?

Chi-Chi's 15 THEY GOT ENGAGED AS LITTLE KIDS Goku and Chi-Chi's relationship has never been normal, things were weird right off the bat. When Goku first met Chi-Chi, they were only kids. Chi-Chi quickly fell in love with Goku, who was completely oblivious to her feelings.

Who all defeated Goku?

Dragon Ball: Every Character Who Defeated Goku In The Original...

  • 3 Captain Ginyu.
  • 4 Vegeta. ...
  • 5 Raditz. ...
  • 6 Piccolo Daimao. ...
  • 7 Tambourine. ...
  • 8 Tenshinhan. ...
  • 9 Tao Pai Pai. ...
  • 10 Jackie Chun. Goku's first real loss in Dragon Ball comes at the end of the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, and it's an incredibly important one for him. ...

Does Chichi regret marry Goku?

She doesn't always let him do whatever he wants, even using the fact that he wasn't educated as a child as her main justification for keeping Gohan and Goten in school. After Goku passes away, Chi-Chi is naturally filled with regret over the way she interacted with her husband.

Do Goku and Chichi ever kiss?

Case in point, in DBZ Goku and Chi Chi kissed and Goku told her he loved her at the end of the Buu saga. ... Also Goku seemed to dry his eyes during his wedding to Chi Chi.

Is it possible for the Death Note to kill Goku?

Yes but then again no, Yes because the Death note is a artifact by the gods and it could kill anyone no matter what, but no cause, No one with the death note would know his name, they would think “OH ITS GOKU HAHAHAAHHA” then it does not work. Kakarot would work but then again, is that really his full name, he might have a last name.

Is it possible for Goku to beat the Avengers?

Now, Goku is pretty powerful, He currently has Ultra Instinct at his beck and call, and can fight without thinking. This is what he does to pretty much everyone on this roster aside from Thor and Hulk. While Goku is pretty strong, the Avengers are just too powerful for him.

What happens when Goku dies in Dragon Ball Z?

Of all of Goku’s deaths, this is probably the most uncomfortable to think about. Here he is, one of the strongest men in the multiverse, farming like any other day. Suddenly, Goku’s not in his own body, he’s immediately killed, and Goku Black starts terrorizing the multiverse. It’s scary to think Goku quite literally couldn’t fight back.

Is it possible for Goku to beat Daredevil?

Daredevil has survived against some pretty heavy hitters in the Marvel universe and I can respect that but when it comes to fighting Goku, this Devil should stick to Hell’s Kitchen. There’s no way Goku could ever hope to beat a man so strong that he could survive two universes colliding with one another.

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