How do I open a DOCX file in OpenOffice?


How do I open a DOCX file in OpenOffice?

How do I open a DOCX file in OpenOffice?

Open, and click on "File" in the file menu, then click on "Open." A dialog window will appear. Select your . docx file within the dialog window, then click on the drop-down menu for "File type:" and select "Microsoft Word 2007 XML (. docx; .

Is OpenOffice compatible with DOCX?

In addition to read and write support for the Microsoft Office binary file formats (. doc; . ... ppt, etc.), 3.0 is now capable of opening files created with Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac OS X (. docx, .

How do I convert a word document into OpenOffice?

How to Convert MS Word Files to OpenOffice

  1. Launch Word. Launch MS Word and open your Word file with it. ...
  2. Save Your Word File As Open Document Type. Saving file as Open Document Type (.odt) ...
  3. Download And Install OpenOffice. Download and install OpenOffice onto your computer. ...
  4. Launch OpenOffice. Launching OpenOffice.

How do I convert ODT to DOCX?

How to convert ODT to DOCX

  1. Upload odt-file(s) Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page.
  2. Choose "to docx" Choose docx or any other format you need as a result (more than 200 formats supported)
  3. Download your docx.

Why can't I open a DOCX file with Word?

Microsoft Word (version 2007 and above) is the primary software program used to open and edit DOCX files. ... Actually, you don't even need to open a DOCX file with Word because Microsoft has a free Word Viewer program that lets you open Word documents like DOCX files without needing to have MS Office installed.

What app can open a DOCX file?

Grab the Microsoft Word app on the Play Store. Once the app finishes the installation process, tap the '. doc' or '. docx' file on your phone, then select “Word” from the list of apps available.

Can Microsoft Office Open OpenOffice documents?

Let's start with the basics. If you've recently adopted OpenOffice but have a bunch of documents that are still in Microsoft Office format, you'll probably want to be able to open the documents in OpenOffice. The good news is that OpenOffice can open Microsoft Office documents automatically.

What app is needed to open a docx file?

Microsoft Word (version 2007 and above) is the primary software program used to open and edit DOCX files.

Can Libreoffice Open docx?

LibreOffice Writer comes with the compatibility with Microsoft Word. It is capable of opening as well as editing DOCX files. To open a DOCX file in LibreOffice Writer, simply go to File -> Open and select the DOCX file you want to open. You can download the binary file of LibreOffice on its official website.

Can OpenOffice save in Microsoft Word formats?

Fortunately, OpenOffice's Save As feature allows you to save your document in a variety of formats, including several Microsoft Office formats. For example, the word processor that comes with OpenOffice can save a document in Word 97/2000/XP/95/6.0 formats. RTF and text file formats are also supported, as are a variety of StarWriter formats.

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