Is there a PC version of God of War?


Is there a PC version of God of War?

Is there a PC version of God of War?

This service is available on PC, where the available titles – which change each month – can be played via streaming. This means that while God Of War is physically still a PlayStation exclusive, PC players can now play the game on their own system.

Can you play the original God of War on PC?

While it's been on Sony's game streaming service PlayStation Now before, it was only for a limited time. The game is now back seemingly permanently, meaning you can technically play God of War on PC, if you're willing to stream it. This is especially helpful for anyone who doesn't own a PS4 or PS5 console right now.

Is there a way to play God of War 4 on PC?

Unfortunately, God of War is not available on any gaming service platform for PC. We currently don't have any information regarding God of War ever getting a proper PC port. At the very least, PC gamers who do not possess a PlayStation 4 now have access to one of the best games ever made.

Is God of War on Steam?

God of War is, of course, a PS4 game. It's another one of those pesky console exclusives that we'll never see grace our Steam libraries. Or Epic Store libraries. ... Games such as God of Warface, God of Warframe, God of War Thunder, and that old classic, Total God of War.

Will ghost of Tsushima be on PC?

Ghost of Tsushima will be the latest PlayStation exclusive to come to PC.

Is God of War free on PC?

To play God of War you'll need to download the PlayStation Now for PC app, create or sign in with a PSN account, and off you go. The service offers a seven day free trial to boot, and you could definitely blast through this in a week, or is $8.99/£8.99 for a month's access.

Where can I download God of War for PC?

How To Download God of War-3 PC Instructions

  • Step 1: Click On Download Button, You will be redirected to our download page.
  • Step 2: Click On Download God of War-3 PC Button.
  • Step 3: Your Download Will Start Free Installer Officially Created From

Can Kratos beat Goku?

Kratos can't win. Goku and Vegeta are both easily capable of planet busting. Kratos is only a demigod and he's not by any means immortal (he's died twice already).

Can you play God of war 4 on PC?

God of war 4 is one of PS4 game which PC users are desperately waiting to play. But don’t feel down because now it is 100% possible to play God of War 4 on PC even though it’s a PS4 exclusive. But before getting into how to play on PC, let’s learn more about God of War 4.

When does God of War 2 come out?

God of War 2, which may be subtitled Ragnarok, is currently scheduled to release in 2021. A PC release of the first game a few months ahead of the new one would be a good way to capitalize on fan excitement, and maybe even sell a few PC gamers a PlayStation 5.

Which is the best god of war game?

Platinum Games. Bayonetta is considered the peak of hyper-paced violence in games and the best version of it can be found on Steam. With a silky smooth 60fps and HD visuals sharper than any of Kratos’s blades, you can admire Bayonetta’s gothic and grotesque aesthetic in all its feathery glory on PC.

Is the new god of war on PlayStation?

Here's the selection of God of War games available on PlayStation Now: While the new God of War was temporarily playable via PSNow, Sony removed it in 2020. It's possible it will be back in rotation someday, as Sony makes some of its exclusives available to stream for a limited time.

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