O quê Gamora sabe em Guerra Infinita?


O quê Gamora sabe em Guerra Infinita?

O quê Gamora sabe em Guerra Infinita?

Não foi difícil para Nebulosa deduzir que Thanos matou Gamora na sua jornada atrás da Joia da Alma. Porém, os roteiristas esclareceram que a personagem não sabe exatamente como e por quê. "Ninguém além de quem estava lá sabe o que aconteceu. Ela só sabe apenas que sua irmã não voltou e ele conseguiu o artefato".

What kind of powers does Gamora have in Marvel Comics?

Thanks to being trained by Thanos, Gamora knows just about everything there is to know about combat and killing. She is an expert with any weapon, and even once wielded the Godslayer sword. While working for Thanos, she shared a telepathic link with him.

What did Gamora do to end all life on Earth?

Gamora eventually ran into trouble when she was masquerading as Thanos. She found the real deal on Earth, plus five clones of himself that he created to end all life. Gamora helped stop the threat and agreed to work with Adam Warlock to acclimate a new Anchor of Reality, a young Earth girl named Atleza.

How did Gamora kill all of the Badoon?

During her training with Thanos, Gamora believed that she killed all of the Badoon. Although, they later discovered that one, a princess, still lived on a planet about to fall into a black hole called Ubliex. Gamora befriended the princess and destroyed a treacherous group of Zen-Whoberis who were exiled there.

What kind of relationship does Gamora have with Nebula?

Gamora has also fought in many cosmic events, which has put her at odds with Annihilus, Ultron, the Universal Church of Truth, the Cancerverse, J'Son of Spartax, and the Badoon, the race that killed her people. Gamora grew up with a pseudo-sister Nebula, a fellow trainee of Thanos. Despite this familiality, they don't have the best relationship.

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