Can I see who viewed my fleets on Twitter?


Can I see who viewed my fleets on Twitter?

Can I see who viewed my fleets on Twitter?

Open the Twitter app on your phone. Tap on your fleet at the top left to open it. Once it opens, click the “Seen by” at the bottom left corner. Here, you'll see the people who have seen your fleets.

Can you view Twitter fleets anonymously?

Using this Twitter tool we have developed, you can view and download the fleets of any public user anonymously while protecting your identity. If fleets containing a tweet, also you can go to the tweet.

How do I get Twitter fleet on my browser?

Twitter Spaces automatically appear at the top of your Home timeline, where you see Fleets. All you need to do is tap on the profile of the person who is hosting a Space and then tap again on Join this Space. You will then be added to that particular Space.

Can people see if you viewed their fleets?

Fleet authors can see who views their fleets, including accounts with protected tweets, by clicking into their fleets and tapping on the “seen by” text at the bottom.

How can I see who views my fleet?

Viewers will be able to see a list of who has viewed their post. "Fleets" can also be found by clicking directly on someone's profile photo. Later updates of the feature plan to include stickers and live broadcasting.

Who can see my fleets?

Note that anyone who can see your full profile will also be able to see your Fleets, so don't be too devil-may-care with your comments.

How do I get rid of Twitter Fleet Bar?

1. To disable Fleets on Twitter, you will have to mute each Fleet on Twitter. Once you have muted all of the Fleets, Twitter will stop showing the Fleets bar on the top. To do so, tap and hold on a Fleet and choose “Mute @TwitterHandle”.

How can I see fleets without them knowing?

Originally Answered: How do I view Twitter Fleets without anyone knowing? Open the Twitter app and let it load all the Twitter Fleets and other Tweets in the timeline. once everything is refreshed, open the notification panel and turn off the Wi-Fi or the movie data.

What does Twitter fleet mean?

fleeting tweets Fleets are temporary tweets that look like vertical Instagram Stories. This content disappears after 24 hours and cannot be retweeted, replied to publicly, or embedded on to other pages. Fleets, or fleeting tweets, are similar to Instagram Stories.

Can I control who sees my fleets?

Anyone who can see your Tweets can view your Fleets from your profile by tapping on your profile photo. If you protect your Tweets, your Fleets will also be protected. To delete a Fleet select Delete Fleet and it will remove the post.

How do you see the fleets on Twitter?

If they have shared a fleet, you will see a circle around their profile picture. You can tap on it to reveal the button to open the Fleet. When you tap to view a Fleet, you will notice that Twitter has adopted a slightly different approach. The Fleets scroll vertically on swiping up and down or tapping, instead of moving horizontally.

How can I see who viewed my tweets on Twitter?

You’ll see Fleets at the top of your home timeline. Click on any to watch. The next one in your list will play automatically when it’s done. You can see who viewed your Fleet (this includes accounts with protected Tweets) by opening up your Fleet and tapping “Seen By” at the bottom.

Can you view fleets from people you don't follow?

No, Fleets are not available on the web version yet. 6. Can I view fleets from people I don’t follow? To see fleets from people you don’t follow, head to their profile, tap their profile picture, and select “Open Fleets.”

Can you get fleets on Twitter in India?

Fleets will be available for everyone in India on Twitter for Android and iOS in the coming days in updated app versions. For now, you can try clearing the app cache and data to see if it works for you. 1] As you open the Twitter app, you’ll see recent fleets from people you follow on the top of your home timeline.

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