Can Goku bring people back to life?


Can Goku bring people back to life?

Can Goku bring people back to life?

3 Answers. Unlike the Dragon Balls on Earth, the Dragon Balls of Namek are not restricted to reviving someone once. During the fight with Kid Buu, Goku and all the people Buu killed on Earth as well as the planet itself were revived by having the Namekians collect the Dragon Balls.

Can Goku survive radiation?

Outer space has MASSIVE high-energy radiations that can instantly kill any human or life form unless they're wearing spacesuits. Yet Goku, Freeza and Beerus to name a few have survived in space without damage.

Is Goku The Super Saiyan God?

In the manga, Goku never reverts to his Super Saiyan or base form. He stays a Super Saiyan God throughout the entire fight with no mention of him absorbing that power. Before he runs out of power, Goku destroys Beerus' energy sphere with a Limitbreaker Kamehameha.

Can shenron revive Goku?

However, Shenron tells Oolong that it would be impossible as he was created by a God and he is unable to grant a wish that surpasses the power of a God. Master Roshi then has Shenron resurrect Goku from the dead just before he departs.

Can you nuke Goku?

Goku can die from a heart disease, so why not radiation. So if we talk the blast then yes. If we talk long term like 1 year, they would die from being exposed to the radiation of a nuclear bomb.

What is the heat of a nuke?

A primary form of energy from a nuclear explosion is thermal radiation. Initially, most of this energy goes into heating the bomb materials and the air in the vicinity of the blast. Temperatures of a nuclear explosion reach those in the interior of the sun, about 100,000,000° Celsius, and produce a brilliant fireball.

How does Naruto heal after defeating Goku?

Naruto’s enhanced regeneration can almost instantly heal wounds. This includes the physical toll his body took when fighting all of the nine-tailed beasts. As for Goku, a hit will be a hit. Sure, he can heal birds, but that’s all there is to his healing abilities.

How did Beerus heal Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

When Beerus stabbed Goku’s heart during their fight in the Dragon Ball Super anime, the Saiyan managed to heal himself while underwater. Since then, it hasn’t always been clear when Goku’s used this ability again, although it does explain how he's been able to recover from injuries in later fights.

How does Porunga heal Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Through spirit control they can perform healing through an advanced technique. Porunga, the dragon of the Namekian Dragon Balls, restores Goku to full strength during the final confrontation with Kid Buu . In Dragon Ball GT, Shenron heals Goku after the fight with Omega Shenron . Dende retains this ability in Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu .

Is it true that Goku can heal birds?

As for Goku, a hit will be a hit. Sure, he can heal birds, but that’s all there is to his healing abilities. There isn’t much a person can stand when their opponent can demolish literal planets with his bare fists.

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