Is Honkai impact going to end?


Is Honkai impact going to end?

Is Honkai impact going to end?

Dev confirm no world ending in Honkai Impact 3 In the 2018 post on miHoYo BBS, devs do confirm that there is no world ending in HI3 (which may result to current Post-Honkai Odyssey).

Is Fischl from Honkai impact?

Fischl is one of many main characters in the Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact collab.

Is Genshin connected to Honkai?

Are Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd Connected? The answer is no, Genshin Impact isn't related to Honkai Impact 3rd apart from the fact that both games are developed by miHoYo, are original IPs created by the Chinese studio, and share the “Impact” word.

Which is better Honkai or Genshin?

1 Winner: Genshin Impact After much deliberation, it's clear which between Mihoyo's two most popular games is better. Genshin Impact is newer and more novel as an experience. While the combat is slow, it pulls ahead or matches Honkai Impact 3rd in nearly everything else.

Is Kiana dead Honkai impact?

The Silent Death gemstone activated the consciousness of Sirin in Kiana's body, and her body was taken away by Sirin. ... In the end, Otto assisted Fu Hua and wore the "Shadow Knight - Moonblade" to stun Kiana, seal her consciousness and bring it back to Schicksal.

How long will Honkai last?

The maintenance is scheduled to last for approximately 5 hours, please note that the actual maintenance duration may vary. During the maintenance, Captains will not be able to log in the game, so be sure to tell your fellow Captains and take note of the maintenance time.

Can you get Fischl for free in Honkai Impact?

According to miHoYo, Fischl will be available for free as a login bonus for those that log in from July 8th, to the end of the version. During the new version, captains will also be able to acquire a total of 10 Supply Cards and 5 SP supply cards, as accumulative login bonus rewards.

Can I get keqing in Honkai Impact?

Keqing is a Genshin protagonist who appears in the Honkai Impact crossover, however, unlike Fischl, she is not a log-in incentive. According to MiHoYo's homepage, she is only a useable guest persona who is accessed by completing the Outworld Quest.

How did Kiana become God Kiana?

Cocolia realized Kiana is Siegfried's daughter and a "Herrscher body" which can be used to host Sirin. Cocolia then began to shake Kiana's motion by telling her father is dead and she was the one who killed him, Kiana went mental breakdown, fused with Sirin and they become "God".

Is Kiana The Unknown God?

The Unknown God in Genshin Impact looks a lot like Kiana Kaslana, who plays the Herrscher of the Void in another miHoYo game, Honkai Impact 3rd. The unknown god is the enigmatic god who, at the start of the Genshin Impact, separated the Traveler from their sibling.

Where can I get Fischl in Genshin Impact?

Fischl can be obtained for free just by logging in when this update is live. These three characters aren't the only parts from Genshin Impact that will make it into the Honkai Impact 3rd crossover. There will also be some enemies like Slimes, and Ruin Guards, as well as Andrius as a boss within Honkai Impact 3rd.

Who are the Valkyries in Honkai Impact 3rd?

As noted previously, Fischl, Keqing, and Paimon will show up in Honkai Impact 3rd. Paimon will be a part of the ELF system, whereas Fischl and Keqing will be playable characters. Keqing will be playable for the event, but she will not be a Valkyrie Honkai Impact 3rd players can own.

Is there a crossover between Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd?

Genshin Impact has been involved in some strange crossovers in the past (like the KFC one ), but the crossover between them and Honkai Impact 3rd is perfectly logical. Both games share some similarities and are made by miHoYo, so a crossover was bound to happen between these two titles at some point.

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