Can I upload my paper on ResearchGate?


Can I upload my paper on ResearchGate?

Can I upload my paper on ResearchGate?

Your manuscript may be copied and then published by others before you can do that. ... You must wait until the paper is accepted and then published by that journal. Then, upload that research item on any platform you wish.

How do I import publications into ResearchGate?

Adding publications to your ResearchGate profile

  1. From any page in Research Gate, click on the Add new button in the top right corner.
  2. Select Publication from the options that appear to add an article, book, chapter, etc.
  3. Select the type of publication you are adding.

Can you join ResearchGate without institutional email?

If you're a published researcher but don't have an institutional email address, we're happy to consider your account request. Please contact us with a detailed description of your present and past institutional affiliations, field of research, and publications - preferably with supporting links.

How do I get my research paper on ResearchGate?

Steps to Access:

  1. Go to Google scholar page ( ).
  2. Type full length article title and tap on search button.
  3. Confirm the title and click on [PDF] option ( Right top).

Is it illegal to share scientific papers?

The publisher may allow a limited amount of scholarly sharing, or the fair use exception may allow Diane to share the article for educational and scholarly purposes. However, Diane should avoid sharing copyrighted articles systematically and widely.

Can I upload Open Access article to ResearchGate?

Beginning in April 2021, the full-text, final published articles from 18 Wiley open access journals will be uploaded automatically to ResearchGate and available to all ResearchGate members.

Can you link ResearchGate to Orcid?

The benefits of adding your ORCID iD to your ResearchGate profile are mostly one-sided. If ResearchGate knows your ORCID iD, its algorithms can more easily discover your publications and research activities so as to remind you to upload them to its platform.

Can I link Google Scholar to ResearchGate?

Therefore, the citations originated from google scholar and researchgate will not be the same. That is why it is not possible to link the Google scholar Article citation to Research Gate. Usually, the citation number is higher in Google than the researchgate citations.

How can I join ResearchGate for free?

Go to and click 'Join for free' and follow the prompts. Add your publications by clicking 'add publications'.

Is ResearchGate free?

The site also features a research-focused job board. ... ResearchGate does not charge fees for putting content on the site and does not require peer review.

Is it legal to upload your publications to ResearchGate?

You can upload the final (editor) version of your paper, as long as the publisher allows you to do that, but I do not think this happens very often. [Actually, there are some journals that follow an open-access policy, meaning that the authors keep the copyright of their work.

How to upload a PDF in ResearchGate?

The PDF is uploaded, the title is given, the button Continue is active. When I press it, ResearchGate loops for ever and I never reach the step where I can give the author names and conference name. I tried several browsers, several PDF formats and several OS X versions.

Can I upload my IEEE papers to ResearchGate?

But nowadays it is a very common practise to create a preprint version of your IEEE conference paper as well and upload it to ResearchGate while giving proper credit to the original article published in IEEE. Hope this helps and wish you a happy publishing experience!

How to add a publication page to your ResearchGate profile?

To add a publication page to your profile: Click the Add new button at the top right-hand corner of any ResearchGate page For published work, select Published research and then the publication type For unpublished work, select the most applicable type of research from the options shown

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