Has anyone defeated Beerus?


Has anyone defeated Beerus?

Has anyone defeated Beerus?

Eventually, Goku, with the help of the other Saiyans, transforms into the Super Saiyan God and fights Beerus, just to be defeated by the God of Destruction....
TitleGod of Destruction of Universe 7
FamilyChampa (twin brother)
RelativesEast Supreme Kai (life linked)

Can Goku defeat whis?

7 NEVER WILL: Whis Should Dragon Ball Super fun long enough, it's entirely possible Goku (and Vegeta) will fight Whis but definitely don't expect him to win or put up a serious fight unless Goku does some crazy training over the next few years. Whis and the angels are in a league of their own.

How did Goku beat Beerus in Dragon Ball Super?

Goku's plan is to eventually fight Beerus in a rematch, but it could be that he's already strong enough to take down the God of Destruction. One of Goku’s goals in Dragon Ball Super is to surpass Beerus, but it’s possible that the Saiyan hero already has.

Who is stronger Goku or Beerus or Belmod?

It was confirmed at that moment that Goku was on the level of the gods. That of course doesn’t mean that Goku can beat any god, but there have been hints that he could be stronger than Beerus at least. Whis stated that Universe 11’s God of Destruction, Belmod, is stronger than him.

Can you beat Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

Beerus is certainly tough, but he is by no means invincible. It is said that even the developers struggled to beat Beerus, so there is absolutely no shame in trying a couple times. With enough persistence and practice, he will go down eventually. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

What kind of strength does Beerus have in Dragon Ball?

Beerus has unfathomable strength when it comes to his physical endurance and destruction capabilities, but he also has other creative ways to deal with his enemies that can easily catch people by surprise. Beerus had a dangerous reputation before he shows up in Dragon Ball Super.

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