Is Constantine City of Demons a sequel?


Is Constantine City of Demons a sequel?

Is Constantine City of Demons a sequel?

According to J. M. DeMatteis, the series is not a continuation of Constantine, but is in the same universe as the 2017 film Justice League Dark. He added that "time will tell" whether the show is part of the Arrowverse.

Is Constantine city of demons before Justice League Dark?

Constantine: City of Demons takes place before Justice League Dark. After drifting apart for nine years, John reunited with Chas Chandler when the latter approached him requesting help. Chas's daughter Trish was in a coma as a result of dark magic.

Who is Angela in Constantine city of demons?

Angela is the living spirit of Los Angeles. She tries contacting Constantine many times, only to give him nightmares and release his inner demons (accidentally).

How powerful is John Constantine?

For starters, he actually has no superhuman abilities. Constantine merely possesses an immense knowledge of Earth's magical forces and how to manipulate them to his advantage. However, he wasn't always as powerful as he is today.

How old is John Constantine?

Constantine is unusual among comic book characters in that he has aged in real time since his creation. In Hellblazer issue eight Constantine celebrated his 35th birthday. Five years later, in Hellblazer issue 63, he turned 40.

How strong is John Constantine?

As one of the most powerful magicians in all of DC Comics history, Constantine has certainly accomplished a plethora of amazing and impossible feats. For starters, he has dealt with many common magical pests, often performing exorcisms or moving a creature from one host to another.

Is Constantine more powerful than Dr Strange?

Now, just because Constantine has magic like Strange doesn't mean that they're on the same level. ... Although the magic is similar to Strange's, it's a little more powerful and dangerous as well.

Is John Constantine stronger than Dr Strange?

9 John Constantine: Warlock Sure, John is a powerful charlatan who can use his magic in many different scenarios but his magic is always a bit different than Strange. ... Although the magic is similar to Strange's, it's a little more powerful and dangerous as well.

Does John Constantine go to heaven?

Lucifer complies but realizes too late that he cannot take Constantine to Hell; by selflessly sacrificing himself, Constantine is granted entry to Heaven.

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