What order should I watch Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul?


What order should I watch Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul?

What order should I watch Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul?

However, there is no saying that this won't change in the future, and as such I recommend that you watch them in the order they were released — so, all seasons of Breaking Bad first, followed by Better Call Saul.

Should I start with Better Call Saul before Breaking Bad?

Yes, “Better Call Saul” is a prequel, but it definitely makes more sense to start with “Breaking Bad.” “Better Call Saul” gets a lot of juice from its implied resonance with “Breaking Bad” — familiar faces, people you know are not long for this world, jokey callbacks to obscure incidents.

Does Walter White appear on Better Call Saul?

In Bob Odenkirk's first appearance as criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, Saul introduces himself to a disguised Walter White. Episode no. "Better Call Saul" is the eighth episode of the second season of the American television drama series Breaking Bad. It was written by Peter Gould and directed by Terry McDonough.

Is Kim Wexler in Breaking Bad?

Better Call Saul is a joy to watch, but there's always been a little bit of unease knowing that Kim Wexler isn't in Breaking Bad. Kim has become such a regular and vital part of Jimmy McGill's life that it's hard to make sense of her absence.

Is Walt in Better Call Saul?

Bryan Cranston has spoken out about possibly return to the world of Breaking Bad. The actor played drug kingpin Walter White in the popular series from 20. He has now said that he would be keen to return as drug kingpin Walter White in Better Call Saul, the Emmy-award winning spin-off series to the AMC show.

Is Better Call Saul better than Breaking Bad?

Saul was always incredibly well made, but even most of its fans concede its first few years were a mixed bag. But compare that to Breaking Bad. ... Each hour felt like it ended on a cliffhanger because the story had so much momentum, yet Breaking Bad's character development was somehow equally terrific.

Is Walt and Jesse in Better Call Saul?

"It's our annual TCA announcement that Walt and Jesse will not be in Season 5. ... Gilligan made his feelings known about Walt and Jesse: "I would love to see them on 'Better Call Saul' before it ends.

Is Kim Wexler mentioned in Breaking Bad?

Considering Kim is the love interest of Bob Odenkirk's unscrupulous title character in “Better Call Saul” but is never seen or mentioned in “Breaking Bad,” many “Better Call Saul” fans assume Kim is dead during the events of “Breaking Bad.” Is Kim's death an inevitable plot point for “Better Call Saul” Season 6?

Did Kim Wexler really break her arm?

But at the end of season three, the Saul team began to use Kim's hair as a barometer of her inner turmoil. After Kim got into a car accident in the season's penultimate episode “Fall” — an accident brought on by exhaustion from working too much at HHM — she wound up with a broken arm in a sling.

Is there any scene of Walter White in Better Call Saul?

Another season, another familiar question: Will Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) or Walter White finally appear in the series? Well, no. The appearance of the blue meth duo here, especially given the point in the timeline where the show is, currently, wouldn't make sense.

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