How can I upload a GIF to WhatsApp?


How can I upload a GIF to WhatsApp?

How can I upload a GIF to WhatsApp?

Here's how to do it. Open your WhatsApp chat with the person you want to send a GIF to, and tap the + icon in the bottom left. Next, select Photo & Video Library. If the GIF you want to send is already saved on your phone, you can select it from here and skip the next step.

Can I use my own GIFs on WhatsApp?

First, launch WhatsApp and navigate into a chat window. Then click the + icon and choose Photo and Video Library. You'll then be able to select the GIF button in the bottom-left of the screen. ... You can scroll through categories and select a GIF to send.

Are GIF free to send on WhatsApp?

It is free, making it one of the most used messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp helps you economize because, on a normal basis, you would need to pay for SMS and video calls.

How do I send GIFs on my iPhone?

Send and save GIFs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open Messages, tap , and enter a contact or tap an existing conversation.
  2. Tap .
  3. To search for a specific GIF, tap Find images, then enter a keyword, like birthday.
  4. Tap the GIF to add it to your message.
  5. Tap to send.

Why dont GIFs work on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is not sending the message as a GIF image—in fact, the message is sent as a video itself and since the video is short, it actually plays it in a loop on the screen, which looks like a GIF animation without sound. WhatsApp will surely roll out the GIF animation feature soon.

Do GIFs cost money to send on WhatsApp?

Adding video to messages on WhatsApp can be a lot of fun. Now you can include GIFs, Live photos, and video shot on your iPhone easily and for free. ... Sharing messages and photos for free is always welcome, and now you can also include GIFs alongside Apple's Live photos and short video clips.

Why can't I send GIF on WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp Web, you can only send GIFs via the GIPHY functionality. To access GIPHY, click on the smiley to the left of the chat bar and then click on the GIF icon in the bottom left. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not support linking animated GIFs. ... You can't upload GIFs to WhatsApp web.

Is there a way to send a GIF on WhatsApp?

Although it took a few years, WhatsApp now allows users to search for and send GIFs from within the app. Here’s how to do it. Open your WhatsApp chat with the person you want to send a GIF to, and tap the + icon in the bottom left.

Where can I find animated pictures on WhatsApp?

You can see that picture is animated and animations are working in your gallery. That’s all you can send GIF in WhatsApp, but the only way to see that picture is in your phone’s gallery. is one the best.GIF hub where you can find everything animated. You can create your own.GIF or animated images.

How do you send a GIF on mobile?

On mobile there three ways you can send GIFs. Firstly, if you have an animated gif saved to your phone, you can just select it as you would any other image and send it directly. The second way to send a GIF is by converting a video to a GIF.

Which is the best app to share GIFs on WhatsApp?

GIPHY is both a website and a mobile app. I believe it is the best resource for finding funny and interesting GIFs to share with friends on WhatsApp. GIPHY is probably the most well-known GIF library online. It’s like Pixabay or Getty Images, but for GIFs.

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