Can Constantine die?


Can Constantine die?

Can Constantine die?

By 2013, John was contacted by the Three Fates, who tell him that he will finally die in five days. Having lived a good and adventurous life, John happily accepts his fate rather than trying to fight it like he always does.

What is John Constantine's weakness?

Weaknesses. Phobia: John is afraid of needles. Lung Cancer (Formerly): John temporarily had terminal lung cancer until he tricked a demon into curing him.

Does Constantine die in Constantine?

With Constantine and the fountain now linked, Bishop can destroy the fountain, which protects Earth from invasive alien species, and then, ultimately, end the human planet, the baddie explained. As the poison overtook him, a dying Constantine told Astra that he was all out of tricks.

Is Constantine stronger than Doctor Strange?

9 John Constantine: Warlock Sure, John is a powerful charlatan who can use his magic in many different scenarios but his magic is always a bit different than Strange. ... Although the magic is similar to Strange's, it's a little more powerful and dangerous as well.

Is Constantine more powerful than Dr fate?

9 Constantine: One of the most powerful Occult Magicians While Doctor Fate draws his power from hosting a powerful sorcerer, Constantine is an expert in occult practices. The main difference is that Constantine is a normal human being, who has become an expert in magic through holistic study.

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