Who is Lee Jong Suk crush?


Who is Lee Jong Suk crush?

Who is Lee Jong Suk crush?

While, most of us, fan-girls have a crush on Lee Jong Suk, his dream girl is actress Lee Na Young. Lee Jong Suk has confessed in multiple interviews in the past that Lee Na Young is his celebrity crush and his ideal type too.

Is Lee Jong Suk a pilot?

Lee Jong Suk will receive training for three months and become an actual pilot. Lee Jong Suk will appear in the film “R2B: Return to Base” which is planned for an August release. He will appear in the film as part of a special pilot team.

Does Lee Jong Suk have anxiety?

Here are details about Lee Jong Suk's phobia. Lee Jong Suk suffers from Scopophobia, which means fear of getting attention. The moment people gather in large numbers and pay attention, the actor becomes nervous. In fact, whenever Lee Jong Suk attends press conferences, he is seen wiping off his sweat.

How old is Lee Min Ho now?

34 years (J) Lee Min-ho/Idade

Who is the ideal girl of Lee Jong Suk?

JS FACT #8: His ideal girl Lee Jong Suk's ideal type: “If I had to pick among celebrities, Lee Na Young is the closest to my ideal woman. I chose her previously and she still is my ideal type.” When asked why, he stated, “I really like Lee Na Young's distinctive talking style.

Is Lee Jong Suk rich?

Lee-Jong-Suk Net Worth-$32 million. Earnings per episode: $50,300. Lee-Jong-Suk started his modelling career at 17 and soon became a famous face in fashion shows.

Has Lee Jong Suk returned military?

Lee Jong Suk was recently discharged from the military earlier this month. The actor enlisted in March 2019 as a public service worker. ... While fans are eager to see him return to the small screen, Jordon from Canada has penned a letter to the actor, welcoming him back from his training and showered him with love.

Is Lee Jong Suk an introvert?

The actor also opened up about being an introvert and feeling “very shy in front of people,” something you wouldn't expect from a famous celebrity. Lee Jong Suk admitted, “Before I was busy staying home watching dramas. I'm generally a gloomy person, but my mind has recently changed. I'm trying hard to go outside.

What does scopophobia mean?

Scopophobia is an excessive fear of being stared at. While it is not unusual to feel anxious or uncomfortable in situations where you're likely to be the center of attention — like performing or speaking publicly — scopophobia is more severe. It can feel as though you're being scrutinized.

Is Gu Jun Pyo dead?

Its been clear that Jun Pyo was murdered in his house at the comfort room. Gu Jun Pyo is the leader of F4 and the heir to Korea's most successful company. He's good at learning about the business and in his free time he likes astronomy and hanging out with his girlfriend Jan Di and the F4 guys.

What are the facts about Lee Jong suk?

Lee Jong Suk facts: – He was born in Yongin, but began to live on his own in Seoul since high school after entering a performing arts school. – He has a younger brother (2 years younger than him) and a younger sister (4 years younger than him). – Lee Jong Suk was the youngest male model of the Seoul Collection program.

What kind of movies does Lee Jong suk star in?

Lee Jong Suk. In addition to this, Suk has landed his act on Doctor Strange, Potato Satr 2013QR3, I Can Hear Your Voice, School 2013, High Kick! 3, Secret Garden, Princess Prosecutor, etcetera. Even more, Lee has starred in the TV Movies such as The Hymn of Death and Drama Special: My Prettiest Moments.

Who is Kim Woo bin and Lee Jong suk?

Lee Jong-Suk was born on Septem in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. He is an actor, known for Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019), I Hear Your Voice (2013) and While You Were Sleeping (2017). Is very close friends with fellow actor/model Kim Woo Bin.

How did Kim Jung Un learn to play the piano?

– He knows taekwondo and how to play the piano: “I learned how to play the piano, do taekwondo, draw and play baduk [Korean chess]. I somewhat liked to play the piano but I was forced to take taekwondo lessons.

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