Can Ben survive in the walking dead?


Can Ben survive in the walking dead?

Can Ben survive in the walking dead?

If you dropped Ben, Lee gets away clean, with no bite and survives episode 5. If you save him though, Lee gets bitten on the way out. Ben survives through episode 5 as well, taking Lee's place.

Why did they kill Lee in The Walking Dead?

- Lee's final words to Clementine before dying from the infection of his walker bite....Lee Everett (TWD ADTOE)
Lee Everett
Death EpisodeTime To End It
Cause of DeathBitten by a walker and died from infection (Alive) Shot in the head by Clementine (Before Reanimation)
Series lifespanA Deadly New Hour (TWD ADTOE) to Time To End It

Does Lee ever return Walking Dead?

Lee Everett is the protagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. Convicted for the murder of a state senator who slept with his wife, Lee is freed from this fate by the apocalypse and encounters a young girl named Clementine.

Why did Clementine survive but not Lee?

Twenty minutes may seem like kind of a lot of time to have a bite before removing it, even if it isn't quite as long as Lee had his. So here's another theory: Clementine was able to avoid infection for so long after being bitten because she was suffering from unusual blood flow, which slowed the rate of infection.

How did Clem survive the bite?

Clementine is bitten by a walker on her wounded leg, and she and AJ take shelter inside a barn. ... In the game's ending, it is revealed that Clementine survived the bite after AJ amputated her infected leg.

Can you save Carley in The Walking Dead?

In-Game Decision Lee will have to choose to save either Carley or Doug from the walkers when they are attacked at the pharmacy. Save Carley (Alive): If Lee chooses to save Carley, Lee gives her ammo and she kills the walkers, but, they fail to save Doug.

What was Lee going to tell Clementine?

If you choose (1) option, Lee tells Clementine where she can meet them, if you have chosen a proper dialogue option when parting with them (at the train or the boat - otherwise he will tell her to find them somewhere around).

Is Clementine black?

Clementine is a fictional African American character in The Walking Dead episodic adventure video game series and Clementine, a spin-off of the Robert Kirkman comic of the same name and developed by Telltale Games.

Is Lee in The Walking Dead series?

Lee Everett, as he appears in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Lee Everett is the playable protagonist in the first season of The Walking Dead video game series. Tasked with protecting a girl named Clementine in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Lee allies with several other characters and groups.

How old is Clementine now?

Clementine (The Walking Dead)
FamilyEd (father) Diana (mother) Lee Everett (guardian) Alvin Jr. (adoptive son)
Age8-9 (Season One) 11 (Season Two) 13 (A New Frontier) 16 or 17 (The Final Season)

Why was Lee cut off in The Walking Dead?

No. He's dead. Even if Clem didn't shoot him, which she did because she outright says it to Luke, he'd have obviously turned. The reason they mention cutting the limbs off working is probably because it worked in the comics, Lee just waited too long to cut his arm off.

Where does Lee Everett from The Walking Dead come from?

Lee was born in 1966 and comes from Macon, Georgia. His mother, father, and only brother worked at the family's pharmacy in Macon. Lee had been a history professor at the University of Georgia for six years before the incident with the senator, judging by his position at the university it is likely he earned a PhD in history.

How are clementine and Lee related in The Walking Dead?

As Clementine is the closest person to Lee in the apocalypse, both of them came to form a symbiotic relationship, Lee seeing Clementine as a daughter of his own while Clementine considering Lee as her guardian, and later on as a father.

Who are the characters that will survive The Walking Dead?

Here are 5 characters that will survive until the finale, along with five that do not stand a chance. Jerry has to be one of the most lovable characters the show has ever had. Loyal to a fault, and willing to help anyone, he's one of the few decent human beings left in The Walking Dead.

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