Who is stronger Smoker or Luffy?


Who is stronger Smoker or Luffy?

Who is stronger Smoker or Luffy?

7 Worse: Smoker Luffy has also improved a further lot ever since they met at Punk Hazard. It is fair to say that after the time-skip Luffy has grown much stronger than Smoker. Smoker has also trained and he can use two types of Haki, however, he can't quite use it with the same level of proficiency as Luffy.

What episode does Luffy beat Smoker?

Vice Admiral Smoker" is the 587th episode of the One Piece anime.

Did Luffy beat Smoker?

This might as well be the proof for Luffy's growth. Two years prior to now, Luffy stood no chance against Smoker. Not only was he defeated once, but he was defeated multiple times, and each of those times he was saved by a passerby.

Is Smoker weaker than Luffy?

Smoker is weak, compared to Luffy.

Can Zoro beat Smoker?

2 Can Defeat: Smoker He was introduced fairly early in the series, and since then, he has made multiple reappearances; as an enemy at times, and as an ally at other times.

Is Captain smoker a good guy?

Just like Fujitora, Smoker is actually a good guy who chases the pirates because of his job. Although he opposes the World Government, Smoker is still loyal to the Marines. ... When in Punk Hazard, Smoker, who had intended to capture Luffy, eventually worked together with him to defeat the traitor, Vergo.

Can Zoro defeat momonga?

Zoro faced off against Momonga in a certain filler and the result was a standstill. Now, however, it won't end in a standstill if these two were to have a rematch. The current Zoro and the past Zoro are incomparable at all.

Who killed Smoker in one piece?

When Caesar stabbed Smoker's heart, given to him by Law, it was Monet who ended up dying, since her heart had been swapped with that of Smoker. While this death wasn't sad for the fans due to Monet being an antagonist, it certainly did shock us, and at the same time, show us how dangerous Law's ability can be.

How many times has Luffy beaten smoker in Pokemon?

Luffy also has all three forms of haki+ryou. It hasn’t been a contest since the end of the timeskip and now that luffy has upgraded all his abilities and is at or very close to top Yonko commander level (which is just a bit weaker than admiral level). Luffy beats Smoker basically every time.

Who is stronger in real life, smoker or Luffy?

Smoker and Luffy's character dynamic is that of rivals, and that rivalry is still intact. Luffy may be stronger than Smoker right now, but he still hasn't defeated him in a fair, 1v1 fight. Until that happens, their rivalry isn't resolved.

Can Luffy go up against an admiral or smoker now?

So yes,Luffy can take the Admirals as well as Smoker. Would be better if u used a blog GH Talk 19:36, Ma (UTC) We don't know, because he hasn't fought them yet.

Who are the characters that Luffy can't beat?

He is undoubtedly a powerful marine that had a huge impact in the Marineford war against the Whitebeard pirate. He has a magma devil fruit of logia type, making him deadly in combat. Even the island of Punk Hazard was left in ruin during the dual of the admirals Akainu and Aokiji which he won. As of now, Luffy cannot beat the fleet admiral.

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