Can Lobo defeat Superman?


Can Lobo defeat Superman?

Can Lobo defeat Superman?

Lobo has shown strength sufficient enough to knock out Superman with his blows without too much apparent effort, but at times is barely able to pick up cars. At most times, Lobo is shown to be on par with Superman in terms of strength. He has even shown enough strength to destroy entire planets.

Who can kill Lobo DC?

Although Lobo is definitely superior to Superman, Clark can still at Max beat Lobo given his Speed and given that he can just fly Lobo up into the Sun and leave him there to temporarily beat him, however Lobo would probably just come back more pissed off than injured and will probably return to kill Clark.

What powers do Lobo have?

Powers and Abilities Lobo has superhuman strength and durability, invulnerability, immortality, super speed, regenerative powers and super fast healing, and does not need food, water, air or sleep, and can survive in the vacuum of space.

Is Lobo as strong as Superman?

In some instances, he is depicted as being barely stronger than a human while, in others, he demonstrates physical strength on a similar level to Superman. He has shown to be a match in strength for Etrigan the Demon each time that they have met. Lobo also possesses superhuman durability, which varies greatly too.

Who is stronger, Superman or Lobo the fighter?

"Superman is stronger, faster and physically harder to hurt than Lobo. Yes Lobo is immortal, a better fighter and can regenerate but Superman would put him down (KO him, incinerate most of his body etc) and win the contest. Lobo would come back at a later date."

Who are the enemies of Lobo in Superman?

However, Dawg later appears alongside Lobo when Lobo goes to Earth to fight Green Lantern and Atrocitus. His enemies include the do-gooder superhero parody Goldstar, Loo, Vril Dox, Bludhound, Etrigan the Demon, and General Glory.

What did Lobo do in Superman The Animated Series?

As detailed in Lobo #0, Lobo unleashed a violent plague (a hybrid of flying scorpions) upon his homeworld, killing most of its citizens. In Superman: The Animated Series, Lobo nonchalantly tells Superman the fate of his race: "I'm the last Czarnian. I fragged the rest of the planet for my high school science project. Gave myself an A."

Who is Lobo in the Green Lantern comics?

Lobo is an inter-galactic bounty hunter who has been a recurring nuisance to Superman. Lobo was originally a regular character in Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer’s Green Lantern spin-off Omega Men. At that time, he was a Velorpian whose entire race had been exterminated by Psions; his origin was later retconned.

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