Can neito Monoma copy ERI's quirk?


Can neito Monoma copy ERI's quirk?

Can neito Monoma copy ERI's quirk?

Monoma's Copy Quirk was previously revealed to give him another person's quirk through touch. ... Eri's Quirk is "Rewind" and brings a person's body to its original state, and Monoma just might be able to copy it now that he's been training his copy quirk to a stronger extent.

What can Monoma copy?

Monoma cannot copy quirks that involve the need to stockpile, or at least to desirable results. One For All is a stockpiling quirk. It's strength grew as it was passed on through the generations. The state of One For All that Deku has now is the result of all of OFA's power accumulating.

Can Monoma copy quirks?

He gains full access to the Quirk he has copied and can use it however he likes. However, he cannot simultaneously use multiple Quirks, only one at a time. He can't effectively use copied Quirks that require a previously-stored resource, such as One For All (power), Fat Absorption (body fat), and Rewind (unknown).

Why can Monoma copy ERI?

Neito Monoma couldn't use Eri's Quirk, because it is not compatible with his own Quirk. Although Neito Monoma can indeed copy any Quirk, he only copies them in their "base" state.

What quirk Cannot copy Monoma?

Neito can copy that Quirk factor, but he'll have zero kinetic energy saved up, and has far too little body fat to stockpile energy the way Fat Gum does. Eri's Rewind Quirk also requires a huge stockpile of energy, and even if Neito copies it, he wouldn't borrow the saved-up energy, thus her Quirk is also a blank.

Can Monoma copy mutations?

He simply can't copy mutant types. Like Aizawa, it's likely that nothing happens when Monoma tries to use his quirk on a mutant type because it's “permanent” and his quirk makes more sense with quirks that have temporary effects.

Can DEKU's Quirk be copied?

While Monoma managed to touch Deku and swipe One For All, it didn't grant him the Quirk's trademark super strength. ... Unbeknownst to the two Class 1-A students, Monoma grazed Deku earlier and succeeded in copying his Quirk. After all, he'd shown up this time intending to use Deku's own strength against him.

How does Neito monoma copy Eri's Quirk?

After the Joint Training Battle, Neito Monoma is called in to use his Quirk, Copy, to copy Rewind. He grows a horn like Eri's, but is unable to use Rewind. In a moment of sincerity, Neito explains that Copy can mimic the functional uses of a Quirk, but is unable to copy Quirks that store energy such as Rewind or One For All.

Why was monoma able to use one for all?

One For All is a stockpiling quirk. It’s strength grew as it was passed on through the generations. The state of One For All that Deku has now is the result of all of OFA’s power accumulating. Monoma could only copy the base stockpiling ability, not the strength that came with it. It’s the same with Rewind, or Fat Absorption.

Who was able to improve the limits of copy?

Neito was able to improve some of Copy's limits since its introduction in the U.A. Sports Festival.

Why does Eri have scars on her arms?

Due to Overhaul's experiments of disassembling and reassembling her, she has a number of scars across her arms. Eri is a timid and innocent little girl and as such, she wants no part in Overhaul's horrid plans.

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