Can Kwamis be Akumatized?


Can Kwamis be Akumatized?

Can Kwamis be Akumatized?

As quoted in my post above, "In 'Queen Wasp', kwamis can be akumatized indirectly (except Nooroo himself) if the Miraculous they're inside of becomes the akumatized object." In other words, it's the Miraculous object that receives the akuma, and then the kwami could in theory become akumatized by proxy.

Can a Kwami die?

If kwamis can be born and if they can be weakened, surely they can die. ... I remember Thomas saying that the Miraculous Ladybug power can revert anything including death. They are abstract but they will become weaker and weaker and less powerful if something bad happened to them.

Is it possible to get a kwami in real life?

Many people wonder is magic real and the answer is yes. Some of them have made long-lasting and meaningful bonds of friendship with their owners and to commemorate that special bond, they'd give their owner a jewel, known as a Kwagatama. Based on “If Adrien found out first by portentous-offerings” fanart.

When does mr.damocles get an Akuma?

Mr. Damocles being akumatized. Whenever a person has strong negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, humiliation or sadness, Hawk Moth senses it from his lair and charges a butterfly with dark power to form an akuma.

What are some examples of akumatized villains?

For example, the robot Markov is akumatized in the aforementioned episode, and infant August is akumatized in " Gigantitan ".

Can a villain be akumatized by a butterfly?

In "Timetagger", it is shown that akumatized villains can communicate directly to the Butterfly Miraculous holder, even if they are not the one who akumatized them initially, as seen with the titular villain who came from the future and was akumatized by another Hawk Moth that isn't Gabriel. Jalil being de-corrupted.

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