What languages can NCT speak?


What languages can NCT speak?

What languages can NCT speak?

The members of NCT are indeed, much like their name, “Neo Culture Technology”. The languages they speak include varied levels of English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, Thai, Cantonese and Wenzhounese.

Who is the ugliest member of NCT?

moved 📌 on Twitter: "“ Yuta is the ugliest nct member be honest “"

Can NCT speak Korean?

Mark and Johnny are native speakers. Mark is born and raised in Canada and Johnny in Chicago. Jaehyun is fluent too as he lived in America for 4 years. Yangyang is also fluent.

Who is the prettiest member of NCT?

Top 5 Most Handsome NCT Members

  • Taeyong.
  • Doyoung.
  • Jaehyun.
  • Ten.
  • Mark.

Who knows Japanese in NCT?

Well, the obvious answer is Yuta and Shotaro since they're both Japanese. But aside from them, The NCT127 members seem to know a decent amount of Japanese since they seem to be SM's go to NCT unit for Japanese promotions/releases. Though I don't think any of them (aside from Yuta ofcourse) are actually fluent.

Is taeyong the leader of NCT?

Lee Tae-yong (Korean: 이태용), professionally known by the mononym Taeyong, is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter. He is best known as a member and leader of the boy group NCT.

Who is the most handsome in NCT 127?


  • Mark.
  • Winwin.
  • Haechan.
  • Jaehyun.
  • Doyoung.
  • Taeil.
  • Johnny.

    Who is the softest in NCT?

    The softest member of NCT - final

    • Kun. 11.4%
    • Jungwoo. 63.3%
    • Jeno. 3.8%
    • Jaemin. 21.5%

    Does 10 have a Korean accent?

    and ten is close with korean accent but it's cute 😊

    Who is the most fluent in Korean in NCT?

    The members that are fluent are the Foreign Swaggers/Cup of Coffee members namely, Mark, Johnny, Jaehyun, Ten. The semi-fluent are most of NCT 127 after having to tour around the west, Jaemin, Renjun, Chenle, (these Dreamies can communicate fairly well with Hrvy), Lucas and Yangyang.

    Which is member of NCT can speak English fluently?

    Jaehyun also has lived in the US for 4 years so he could also speak English fluently and Ten can speak English semi-fluently as well. The rest of the group understand English phrases and words here and there and are currently learning English. Originally Answered: Which members from NCT can speak English fluently (or semi fluently)?

    Why is Jaemin taking a break from NCT?

    – In February 2017 it was announced that Jaemin is taking a break from promotions due to health issues. – He returned starting with “Go” promotions. – He joined the variety show “My English Puberty 100 Hours”, where he’ll be studying English 7 hours/day. – In the NCT Dream dorm Jaemin & Jisung share a room.

    What kind of food can Jaemin eat on NCT?

    – Jaemin can’t eat dairy products (00+00+00+00= Ep.2) – His favourite color is White. – His favourite number is 3. – His favourite season is autumn.

    Who are the members of the band NCT?

    NCT is a Korean boy band that has no strict policy of joining. Anyone and everyone can be a part of it. It has 21 members as of now. The band is divided into four subunits NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV. Just like BTS fans have a name like ARMY, NCT followers are called NCTzens.

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