Can Goku beat arceus?


Can Goku beat arceus?

Can Goku beat arceus?

Goku can't lose even though Arceus is a universal being. Goku has allies across the multiverse and he has mastered UI and can use it at will and that is angelic power even though Goku ain't as strong as Whis but he is at least 1/100 of his power.

Which is better, Goku or Mewtwo in Mega Evolutions?

Mewtwo at his strongest form which is Mega Evolutions (Super Mystery Dungeon) Mewtwo can only beat base form Goku but he gets killed by SSJ1- SSJB Kaioken x10. Can Arceus beat Goku? Only in a “whose ass gets kicked first” contest.

Who is smarter, Mewtwo or Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Mewtwo is a lot smarter than Goku, and could use his psychic powers to put Goku to sleep or even mind control him while he’s not at full power (he’s never shown to be immune to psychic powers). Something a lot of users tend to forget is that fights outside Dragon Ball aren’t just decided on power levels.

Is there a hedgehog that can beat Goku?

Unnecessary edginess aside, while Shadow may be able to match or even surpass Goku in speed, he doesn't come anywhere close to his strength or power. It may take a while for Goku to catch up to him, but one punch should be enough to put this hedgehog down.

Why does Goku always start his fights at half power?

Throughout the Dragon Ball series, nearly all of the enemies Goku faces have a tendency to hide their true power levels, preferring to toy with their opponents at half power while bragging that "this isn't even my final form!" Goku himself even tends to start his fights at half power just to gage his opponent's strength.

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