Who defeated Sai in Naruto?


Who defeated Sai in Naruto?

Who defeated Sai in Naruto?

In the anime, Sai and Shin were forced to fight by Danzō but Shin, knowing that he was dying anyway, told Sai to report to Danzō that he had killed him in battle. Before dying, Shin told his brother that he had to suppress his feelings, and to live for the both of them.

Who is the weakest sensei in Naruto?

So, when compared to these characters, it is clear that Karin Uzumaki is the weakest in the clan.

Is Sai a villain in Naruto?

As Sai reminisces his memories with his brother, Sai finally was able to remember what he is about to draw before his brother passed away. ... Naruto decided to continue fighting the aforementioned villain and Sai was assigned by Naruto to look for Sasuke.

Is Sai good in Naruto?

One of the big qualities that brings a great deal of help to Team Kakashi is the fact that Sai's training and quiet personality has allowed him to become very good at noticing details. He is able to see through tricks in battle and support his teammates by noticing dangers that they haven't.

Is Sai Uchiha?

Sai was an orphan. He had no other attachments to anything or anyone other than Root and Danzo. If he were an Uchiha, surely by now his dojutsu would have been made a prevalent part of the series (along with an attempt by Danzo to steal the eyes). His full name is the result of him taking the surname of his wife.

Who was Naruto's best friend?

Shikamaru Actually, Shikamaru is the best friend of Naruto, from the past until Boruto's era.

Can you defeat 5 shinobi Sai in Naruto?

Naruto: 5 Shinobi Sai Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) Sai became a valuable member of Team 7 in Naruto Shippuden who could take down some formidable shinobi opponents. By David Zimmerman Published

What kind of jutsu does Sai use in Naruto?

Sai was a former member of Danzo Shimura's Foundation and Sasuke's replacement for Team Seven in the Naruto universe. Despite his awkward mannerisms and clumsy social skills, he was a powerful shinobi on account of his ink-based jutsu and formidable melee prowess. RELATED: Naruto: Kankuro's 5 Greatest Strengths (& His 5 Worst Weaknesses)

Why does Sai want to help Naruto so much?

Sai holds Naruto in high regard and tries to assist Naruto whenever he's going through hardships however he can. This bond with Naruto led Sai to start to understand camaraderie, and by the Fourth Shinobi World War, he realised he understood it as he, Rock Lee, and various others went to assist Naruto as he fought against Tobi.

Who are the characters that Naruto couldn't defeat?

Despite his magnificent strength, Naruto has, at times, failed to defeat those he was up against. Here are 5 characters that Naruto Uzumaki could never beat and 5 that he absolutely crushed in battle. Jigen is the leader of a mysterious organization known as Kara.

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