Is Neji stronger than Naruto?


Is Neji stronger than Naruto?

Is Neji stronger than Naruto?

As considerable as Neji's skills in Naruto might be, his methods have certain flaws which can be exploited. ... So technically neji can defeat sasori. Like · Reply · Mark as spam · 22w. Neji Hyuga was one of the most powerful members of his clan and among the strongest characters in the original Naruto series.

Who defeated Neji in Naruto?

The black sheep, the one that wasn't supposed to be there. The writers just wrote naruto to beat him in one punch because they wanted to show how powerful he was whilst forgetting what the show and arc were all about. So yeah, naruto beat Neji in one punch for the sake of lazy storytelling.

Can all might beat Neji?

All Might's physical brawn and speed greatly overshadow Neji's. The hero can change the weather with a single punch and send his opponent flying hundreds of meters into the distance even in his deteriorated state. It would give All Might a tremendous advantage over Hyuga, one the latter is unlikely to overcome.

Why Neji is the best Naruto character?

Neji is one of the most underrated naruto characters out there because most fans usually pay attention to the top tiers of the Narutoverse. ... Neji is just complete badass in this fight and he never stopped surprising the audience with his intelligence and taijutsu.

Who's stronger Neji or Rock Lee?

Neji did win there sparring matches, but that's because Lee had is weights on and couldn't use the Gates, in any serious fight where Lee is trying to kill Neji he is MUCH faster, and MUCH stronger. Rock Lee. In Part I during the Chunin Exams, Rock Lee admitted that the strongest Genin was in his group, Neji Hyuga.

Who wins Gaara or Rock Lee?

Gaara and Rock Lee both went 1 v 3 in the forest. Rock Lee, struggling, but ultimately being defeated, and Gaara easily killing his opponents. Not to mention that Gaara easily kills one of the genin that Rock Lee had trouble with after the forest of death.

Who can defeat All Might?

Izuku receiving his Quirk from All Might pretty much guarantees Izuku being able to defeat his hero. He is the single character that's an absolute lock to finally beat All Might because he is the next All Might.

Does Naruto beat Neji?

Yes, Naruto beat Neji. Sure, Naruto used Kyuubi , but Neji used various powers he had too. He could have won as well. Naruto just used a trick and outsmarted him. The manga is pretty clear about Naruto being the winner.

Did Sasuke win or lose his fight with Gaara?

Sasuke ran out of chakra in the end, with Gaara still maintaining it because of Shukaku. It appeared to be a tie, but most people say that Sasuke lost the battle and that Gaara was the winner. The Chuunin Exams is important to both Sasuke and Gaara. They have a similar background because they have both started to live as child ninjas.

Is Neji dead?

Neji Hyūga dies in episode 364 , The Ties That Bind, and chapter 614, By You, by the hand of the Ten Tails trying to deflect some heavy object. He died in the war trying to protect Naruto. Neji dies.

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