Can Kakashi beat obito?


Can Kakashi beat obito?

Can Kakashi beat obito?

Yes he did. Though It was not completely intentional. Specifically, he need a hole through his heart, because Madara placed a Seal on his heart, which he planned on using to control him. Obito later noted that He could not become the 10 tailed Jinchuriki because of that Seal.

Who has a crush on Kakashi in Naruto?

Hanare is a name that is tossed around a lot when fans begin to talk about Kakashi's love life. Hanare is an anime-only character that only appears in a single episode in the show, that is by all means filler content. She is a female ninja around the same age as Kakashi, who has known him since childhood.

Is Kakashi in love with Naruto?

First Kakashi Love Interest – Naruto This is the most popular Kakashi love interest in the entire Naruto series. ... At that time, Hanare was lost, and while being lost, she met a young Kakashi. Kakashi took her home and gave her tips to always stay on course.

Is Kakashi as strong as obito?

The two bicker and Obito is shown to be weaker than Kakashi in nearly every way. However, Obito grows stronger as time goes on. He almost passes away and in the process gives his eye to Kakashi. ... Kakashi is one of the strongest characters by the end of the manga and the show, but Obito is definitely his equal.

Who was Kakashi's first kiss?

Kakashi taught Hanare to look up at the clouds for guidance whenever she felt sad and lonely, this memory she cherished. Kakashi and Hanare accidentally kiss.

Who married rock Lee?

Theory 1: Tenten is married to Rock Lee.

Who took care of Naruto as a baby?

As for who took care of him while he was a baby, no one knows. The people that took care of him in his childhood were people like the Sandaime, Iruka, and the ramen guy. However, they did not fulfill the roles of parents. The closest person Naruto had as a parent was Jiraiya.

Does Kakashi still have Sharingan in Boruto?

kakashi doesn't have the sharingan in boruto, he lost them in the war when obito died. kakashi was only borrowing obito’s eyes in the anime and once his spirit was gone, the sharingan would be aswell. however kakashi is still incredibly powerful and is still the man who copied a thousand jutsus.

Where can I watch Naruto in English?

Crunchyroll. You are able to watch both 220 Episodes of Naruto Series and 500 Episodes of Naruto Shippuden Series on Crunchyroll.

  • you can get everything related to Naruto Manga and Anime from this site. ...
  • but Naruto Shippuden is not available. ...
  • Hulu. ...
  • GogoAnime. ...

    What is the story of Obito from Naruto?

    The story of Obito Uchiha from the Naruto franchise. Obito Uchiha was born in one of the major clans of Konohagakure, the Ninja Village of the Fire Country where the story takes place, but lost his parents during his first years of life .

    What episode is Naruto in?

    " Naruto Uzumaki !! " ( うずまきナルト!!, Uzumaki Naruto!!) is episode 479 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

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