Does Naruto beat Zabuza?


Does Naruto beat Zabuza?

Does Naruto beat Zabuza?

Legacy. Zabuza and Haku's grave. ... However, Zabuza himself gave Naruto the credit for his defeat.

What episode does Naruto kill Zabuza?

The Demon in the Snow The Demon in the Snow.

Is Zabuza really strong?

Zabuza was a powerful Jounin, possibly even S rank, so yeah, he is still strong by Naruto standards, he just got screwed over and had to fight Kakashi soon after his first appearance and did so early in the series.

Who defeated Haku Naruto?

Zabuza Recognising Haku from earlier, Naruto regained his senses in time to stop himself from killing Haku. Haku's death. Haku, defeated, and thus of no further use to Zabuza, asked Naruto to kill him anyway. Though reluctant, Naruto tried to comply, if it would make Haku happy.

Is zabuza dead?

However, during his second battle with Kakashi, Zabuza ended up highly injured but was again saved by Haku as he sacrificed himself to Kakashi's Lightening Cutter. After killing Gato, Zabuza passed out near Haku's body, hoping to be reunited with him in the afterworld.

Who would win zabuza or Kisame?

Kisame wins. Zabuza HAS chances though. Both are highly proficient with water style, Kisame being the better of the 2 due to having naturally larger chakra reserves and wielding samehada.

Which is version of Naruto can beat Zabuza and / or Haku?

Haku cannot beat him. So these are the versions of Naruto that could beat both Zabuza and Haku. The first cloak of Kurama could beat Haku easiliy. Well, in a battle where Haku was almost out of chakra and energy. So if it’s Haku and Zabuza, I’d say an even match would be the Fourth Kurama Cloak.

Who is stronger than Zabuza in Naruto?

Through analyzing the characters stronger than him, we can fully appreciate how serious of a threat to the heroes he actually was. Despite being the inheritor of his blade and capable of defeating many shinobi Zabuza would lose against, Suigetsu himself would be vulnerable against his mercenary foe.

Where does Zabuza get his sword in Naruto?

Zabuza's sword is taken from his grave site in Part II by Suigetsu Hōzuki (in the anime, it was Tenzen Daikoku from whom Suigetsu retrieved the sword). During his and Kakashi's exchange following Zabuza's reincarnation, Kakashi admits that it was because of him and Haku that Naruto strove to become the ninja and hero that he is.

Who is responsible for the death of Zabuza?

Following Zabuza's death, Kirigakure ninja began associating him with members of Team 7; Kisame Hoshigaki referenced Zabuza when he first met Kakashi, while the Fifth Mizukage and Chōjūrō believe Sasuke was the one who defeated him and Haku. However, Zabuza himself gave Naruto the credit for his defeat.

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