Can Beerus use hakai on Mui Goku?


Can Beerus use hakai on Mui Goku?

Can Beerus use hakai on Mui Goku?

Yes he can. Beerus's max power like other gods of destruction is imperfect ui. So once Goku transforms into mui he could hakai him and defeat Beerus. Once Beerus reaches MUI theyll be evenly matched and hakai can still defeat Beerus whether it disintegrates or just kicks him out of mui is unknown.

Does Goku Black have hakai?

This is why in the manga, Goku Was unsuccessful because fused Zamasu is an immortal being and the Hakai doesn't work on immortal Beings. Goku Black would've been hakai'd. He doesn't have immunity. There is no “Hakai” immunity, characters like Frieza and Vegeta have simply overpowered it.

Can a Hakai of Mui Goku destroy a universe?

He can literally destroy a Universe without much effort. This is shown when Beerus and Champa were sparring against each other. On the contrary, MUI Goku may not be a Universe buster as of now. Chapter 6 – Beerus and Champa’s Hakai can destroy a Universe or two

How did Vegeta defeat Goku's Hakai method?

Vegeta used a ton of energy to overcome Toppo’s hakai attack (it was almost like Goku using kaio ken to defeat Vegeta, where the weaker character can draw on unusual levels of energy to win). Of course, Toppo was merely in training as a god of destruction.

What does Beerus Hakai do to Goku Black?

Goku Black gets erased. As strong as Goku Black was, He stands no chance at all in a 1v1 with Beerus. Beerus’s Hakai can erase anything from existence, It’s the ultimate fight ending technique. Nobody is really Immune to Hakai besides possibly Zeno, And granted possibly the Angels.

Can a Mui Goku immobilize an opponent?

MUI Goku can immobilize opponents like Moro and control his body at will. He has used this technique before against Broly, albeit in a weaker form. Broly managed to break it and move. Moro wasn’t able to move when MUI Goku used it.

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