What happens if I spare Pagan Min?


What happens if I spare Pagan Min?

What happens if I spare Pagan Min?

Spare Pagan Min Ending This is where Pagan Min will drop a bombshell on you: you are the king of Kyrat. Pagan will then get up and lead you to where you need to go to Lakshmana. Pagan also will reveal Lakshmana is a person, your half sister.

Can you loot Pagan Min?

Shooting Pagan Min at the dining table prevents the player from returning Ishwari's ashes to the Lakshmana Memorial, even if Ajay makes the trek back. However, he can loot Pagan Min's corpse, which is in a different position than how Ajay left it.

Should I kill or spare Pagan?

At the end of the game, you can choose to kill Pagan, this will trigger the 2nd ending. At the end of the game, you can choose not to kill Pagan, and go with Pagan to scatter your mother's ashes. Pagan will fly away on his helicopter, and you do not shoot the helicopter down.

Is Pagan Min actually bad?

He wasnt even evil, he was a true necessary evil. He even admitted that he went as a different man after entering his daughters tomb... I never felt so sad and desperate in any game at its final moments.

Was pagan Min a good guy?

Because he enjoys the show. He enjoys Ajay storming the country, killing and killing, taking down Yuma - who had become a problem - for him, and all of that. There's no way you can call Pagan Min a good guy, and I think this is enough to prove that he is worse than Amita and Sabal, too.

Who is Ajay Ghale father?

Mohan Ghale Eye Color. Mohan Ghale is a character who appears in Far Cry 4. He is Ajay Ghale's father and the founder of the Golden Path.

Is Pagan Min a good villain?

Played by the excellent Troy Baker, Pagan Min is one of the most colourful villains in gaming history, and not simply because of his clothing. Pagan is a terrifying presence who commits horrible acts of violence. Some might even argue that Pagan isn't even a villain after finishing the game.

Can you kill Amita After killing Pagan?

Trivia. If the player sides with Sabal but decides not to kill Amita, after the end of the game, Amita can be found at the Sherpa Yak Enclosure on the top of the mountain north of Banapur, but cannot be interacted with, and is treated by the game as simply a regular civilian NPC.

Does Amita kill Bhadra?

If the player chose to make Sabal the leader, Bhadra is made the Tarun Matara in the ceremony of purification in blood, by slaughtering Amita's followers in front of her. She does not die as a result of this ending.

Is Pagan Min actually a good guy?

Pagan Min is the archetypal bad guy ruler. He started the drug business in Kyrat, sent people he didn't like to the gulag-like Durgesh prison, authorised Noore's violent gladiator “entertainment”, allowed De Pleur's concentration camps and he came to power by betraying his allies.

What do you need to know about Pagan Min?

Pagan Min 1 Personality and Traits. “You don't text for help, you cry for help. Come on, let's cry for help. ... 2 Trivia. Pagan Min's fountain pen is based on a 149 solid gold Montblanc from its appearance and price. ... 3 References. ↑ Undated, IMDB: Troy Baker. ... 4 Gallery. "Welcome to Kyrat!" Pagan after violently killing one of his men. ...

What happens if you spare pagan in Far Cry?

If the player spares Pagan, Ajay is taken to a small shrine dedicated to Lakshmana and leaves his mother's ashes there. Pagan will leave peacefully via his helicopter, leaving Kyrat in Ajay's hands, or the player can shoot Pagan's helicopter down.

How long does it take to Kill Pagan Min in RuneScape?

You will have the option to kill Pagan Min, or to spare him. Your choice in that moment will directly effect what is revealed to you. When you begin the game and are brought to Pagan's dinner table. Pagan says he will be right back and you should wait there. He will return after an extended wait (approximately 13 minutes).

Why did Pagan Min change his name to pagan?

Following his father's death and his inheritance of control of the cartel, Min adopted the moniker 'Pagan', in tribute to a Burmese King of the Konbaung dynasty who slaughtered his family in order to gain power.

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