Does Naruto win against Kimimaro?


Does Naruto win against Kimimaro?

Does Naruto win against Kimimaro?

As a quick rundown: Naruto fought Kimimaro with a huge group of Kyubi enhanced clones and was utterly defeated.

How did Naruto kill Kimimaro?

As the two sit, completely exhausted but relieved to have won, Kimimaro appears from one of the bones with his bone drill for a final attack. His disease gets the best of him at the last second, and he dies before he can finish Gaara and Lee.

Can Kimimaro beat Sasuke?

Kimimaro was much more powerful than Sasuke. Kimimaro was able to defeat Sound Four some time before part 1 while Sasuke was soundly and easily beaten by them.

What episode does Naruto beat Kimimaro?

Gaara tai Kimimaro!!) is episode 126 of the original Naruto anime.

How is Kimimaro different from the other Naruto characters?

Despite his verbal disrespect of his opponents and over underestimating of their abilities, Kimimaro differs from his four colleagues in three ways: the first having a sense of honour in battle, as demonstrated when he halts to allow Lee time to take his medicine (though unaware it was actually alcohol that would strengthen Lee's combat abilities).

Who are the characters that Naruto couldn't defeat?

Despite his magnificent strength, Naruto has, at times, failed to defeat those he was up against. Here are 5 characters that Naruto Uzumaki could never beat and 5 that he absolutely crushed in battle. Jigen is the leader of a mysterious organization known as Kara.

Why did Kabuto Yakushi try to cure Kimimaro?

Kabuto Yakushi attempted to cure Kimimaro, but to no avail due to Kimimaro's unique structure and lack of medical information on his clan. Kimimaro was left bedridden to extend his wavering lifespan, unable to participate in the Konoha Crush, which Kabuto claimed to be the factor that led to their defeat and retreat.

Who was Naruto supposed to defeat in Orochimaru?

Naruto clashed against one of the Legendary Sannin in Orochimaru quite a number of times throughout the series, and even though he surpassed him, he never got the chance to defeat him.

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