Can Goku beat Merus?


Can Goku beat Merus?

Can Goku beat Merus?

As they spar, Goku is easily beaten by Merus. Goku says he is now doubting that he even managed to use Ultra Instinct at all.

Who is stronger between hit and Goku?

There is no trivial answer to this question. If the question was Mastered UI Goku vs Hit then the answer is definitely Goku. Hit doesn't even stand a chance. UI Goku though very powerful, probably second to only Jiren and the Gods, is much weaker than Mastered UI Goku and the gap is not insignificant.

Who are the characters that Goku can't beat?

That's not to say that Gohan still wouldn't beat Goku in a fair fight, but Goku will never go all-out in a fight against his son. Kale is the Universe 6 counterpart for Broly, and she proved herself a match for Goku in his Super Saiyan God form.

What does hit do to Goku in Dragon Ball Z?

Hit is an impressive opponent for several reasons, but his greatest ability is the Time-Skip power. It allows the user to skip through time at tenth-of-a-second intervals during which the user can do whatever they want. Hit uses this against Goku and Vegeta, though Goku learns how to fight back against the ability.

Is it true that Goku always wins Dragon Ball Z?

Many Dragon Ball fans have this misconception that Goku always wins and that Goku always saves the day. While this may very well be true for the original Dragon Ball Z movies (most of them anyway) it’s far from the case when it comes to the original manga and modern Dragon Ball. Goku wins a lot, but he doesn’t win all the time.

Is it possible to one shot Goku in anime?

After starting off as a wee baby with a power level in the one digits, the Goku we know today trains with the gods of his universe. Considering how strong he's become, it's hard to imagine Goku getting one-shotted by anyone; but believe us, all it would take is a bored anime character looking to have a little fun with him.

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