Did Superman beat Dr. Manhattan?


Did Superman beat Dr. Manhattan?

Did Superman beat Dr. Manhattan?

In short, in a straight-up battle, Dr. Manhattan could easily destroy Superman. All he would have to do is disintegrate him and no matter how powerful Superman might be compared to other beings, Dr. Manhattan is simply too powerful.

Does Doctor Manhattan have a weakness?

Compared to other, more traditional super powered beings on his level, Doctor Manhattan has seemingly no weaknesses. No Kryptonite, no problems with the color yellow, nothing like that. But he does have a weakness, albeit a complex one.

Is Dr. Manhattan a villain in Doomsday Clock?

Doctor Jonathan "Jon" Osterman, or better known as Doctor Manhattan, is one of the main characters of the comic miniseries and film Watchmen, and one of the main antagonists of the DC Comics, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of all issues from the New 52 and Rebirth eras and as the central antagonist of the ...

Can anyone defeat Dr Manhattan?

Watchmen claims Dr. Jon Osterman was a nuclear physicist caught in a radioactive particle test that turned him into an almost omniscient godlike being. ... He has nearly unlimited powers including cosmic awareness, which means that beating him is nearly impossible.

Why Dr Manhattan dies?

Namely, at the very end, Dr. Manhattan – in the form of Cal Abar – dies as the Tulsa-based racist group called the Kavalry harnesses his powers. Luckily for the world, Ozymandias was there to save the day, once again with his alien squids and the world was saved, with Angela Abar seemingly inheriting Dr.

Can a Superman Prime 1 million beat Dr Manhattan?

Dr. manhattan created dc universe, everything, anti monitor, anti life euqation, imps, etc and you are saying that a superman prime 1 million or thought robot can beat him?? Have you ever been beaten by an ant?

How does Dr Manhattan get rid of Superman?

Being that Dr. Manhattan can manipulate matter, most would say he would just simply transmute or all together disentegrate Superman on a molecular or atomic level to effectively defeat him, as he did to these unfortunate souls…

Who is more powerful Superman or dr.manhattan?

Dr.M has no feats of manipulating the atoms of someone as durable as Superman. Superman resists a cosmic storm by a Mr Myx (who's hilariously more powerful than Dr.M) that transmutes anything it touches into Red Kryptonite. "The molecular disruptors has no effect on him!" @mysticmedivh: I'm going save this meme, I found it quite amusing.

Can a Superman Prime character kill a Manhattan?

The OscarMan is swaggy though. Stalemate, neither can actually kill each other, Manhattan can't be defeated by physical force and Manhattan has no feats against Superman level characters or even close. @sirneko: I ment DM not Galactus lol I'm in more than one thread got mixed up DM's matter manipulation feats are not very impressive.

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