How many moves can Smeargle learn?


How many moves can Smeargle learn?

How many moves can Smeargle learn?

3 Answers. Smeargle can learn every move through sketch except Chatter and Struggle. It will use Struggle if it runs out of PP, so technically the only move it cant use is Chatter. It can't Sketch Sketch, and Sketch is the only way it leans new moves.

Can Smeargle learn more than one move?

Yes, you can teach Smeargle Sketch 4 times. You either have to Level it up 30 times to teach Sketch or use a Heart Scale on it. It is helpful so you can teach it multiple moves at once.

Can Smeargle learn any move in Pokémon go?

Smeargle can learn almost any move including Legacy and some Community Day moves. The typing for Hidden Power does not get copied. Smeargle cannot learn Transform from Ditto. It cannot learn Frustration or Return.

Can Smeargle copy any move?

Smeargle gets the special move Sketch, which allows him to copy any mover permanently.

Is Smeargle rare?

It is a relatively rare occurrence so you may need some patience to make it happen. Lucky for us, we found our first Smeargle on our seventh photo. Once you've found it, exit out of Snapshot to the main overworld and Smeargle will appear there. You can then select it and catch it.

Does Smeargle have a shiny?

Always seen photobombing trainers' photos of Pokemon, Smeargle has received a boosted chance to appear in its Shiny form as long as the crossover event lasts. Alongside Riolu, Onix, and Chansey, Smeargle's chances during the event of appearing as a Shiny sit at 1/64 encounters.

Why can't Smeargle learn chatter?

1 Answer. Chatter is the one of only three moves that cannot be Sketched, presumably because as a field move, if used by a Pokémon other than Chatot, it does not temporarily change the battle cry of the respective Pokémon to the recorded version even if audio is recorded.

How do you get a move on Smeargle?

First place Smeargle and a Pokemon with the desired move as the two leads to your party. Using the Pokemon with the move you want, select the move you wish to Sketch. If the Smeargle is faster, use any method to use its turn so that it doesn't use Sketch, while the other Pokemon uses the move you want to Sketch.

Which moves can Smeargle not learn?

The moves that Smeargle currently can't copy are:

  • Transform - (Ditto)
  • Scald - (Poliwhirl)
  • Brine - (Omanyte)
  • Power-Up Punch - (Poliwrath, Hitmonchan, Kangaskhan, Medicham, Lucario)
  • Weather Ball - (Castform)
  • Leaf Tornado - (Shiftry, Victreebel)

What happens when Smeargle learns a new move?

Sketch would then become Scratch. After Smeargle learns a move by using Sketch, it learns Sketch again after 10 levels. If your Smeagle is too high-level to learn Sketch 4 times without getting to level 100, the solution is to trade in a heart scale to the move tutor so that you can learn Sketch again.

Can a Smeargle learn a move from a Legendary Pokemon?

Smeargle is able to learn ANY move, even from legendary Pokémon. (Fusion Flare, Shadow Force, V-Create, ect.) This is all because of the move Sketch. Smeargle can use Sketch to learn a move from another Pokémon permanently.

How often can you relearn sketch in Smeargle?

Remember that Smeargle will learn Sketch every 10 levels (starting at level 1), and it can't know Sketch twice, so make sure you use the current Sketch before levelling up. The Move Relearner can also re-teach Sketch for the cost of a Heart Scale.

What's the best way to use a Smeargle?

Well Smeargle is a unique Pokemon, with the ability to learn any move ever, with it's signiature move Sketch. In competitive battles, people use it with the FEAR strategy or a Baton Pass set.

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