Is Surtur stronger than Thor?


Is Surtur stronger than Thor?

Is Surtur stronger than Thor?

Thor defeated fire giant Surtur quite easily at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok, yet he couldn't beat his sister, Hela. Here's what happened. Thor: Ragnarok opens with Thor being held captive by Surtur, who he then defeated quite easily – but later on in the movie, Thor struggled to defeat his sister, Hela.

Who can defeat Surtur?

Odin had beaten him and taken his source of power, the Eternal Flame, and hidden that away in Asgard. (Thor has actually believed that Odin killed Surtur, but he was merely banished to the world he's in when Thor finds him.)

Can Surtur defeat Thanos?

Surtur is an immensely powerful being who easily defeated Hela and destroyed Asgard at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. ... With the Infinity Gauntlet, it's not a question, but on his own, there's no way Thanos could have gone up against Surtur when empowered by the Eternal Flame.

Why was Thor not able to defeat Surtur?

But, why did this happen given she was so powerful (she destroyed Mjolnir by her hand and defeated the entire Asgardian military all by herself and even Thor couldn't do anything to her by the biggest lightning of all time)? In the beginning of the movie, maybe, Thor was able to defeat Surtur because he was weak (without the Eternal Flame).

Can the Hulk have defeated Surtur in Ragnarok?

No. No. No. Three times, I deny you, Hulk. The Hulk could not have defeated Surtur, any more than Thor could have. Surtur was not the weak and nearly depowered being you see at the beginning of Ragnarok but the fully empowered being towering over Asgard that you see at the end.

How did Thor defeat Hela in Ragnarok?

Thor realized he was not going to be able to defeat her, and in an interesting turn of events, he ended up restoring Surtur’s power by having Loki drop the crown in the Eternal Flame. This unleashed Ragnarök, which was the only way to defeat Hela as Asgard was her power source.

How did Odin get rid of Surtur in Thor?

Surtur was successfully defeated by Odin who stole from him the source of his power, the Eternal Flame, before banishing him and his entire race to Muspelheim. To know that we must learn the history between Odin and Surtur.

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