Does Superman prime one million have a weakness?


Does Superman prime one million have a weakness?

Does Superman prime one million have a weakness?

Now, if we consider the fact that Prime-Earth Superman does, at one point, overcome this weakness and that Superman Prime (DC One Million) is so enormously powerful, we can deduce that he is not actually weak to kryptonite like his predecessors, especially since it seems that his universe doesn't even have any ...

Who did Superman Prime kill?

During the battle, Prime kills two Legionnaires whose abilities manage to hurt him: Sun Boy of Earth Prime's "Threeboot Legion", who uses red solar powers; and Element Lad of Earth Prime, who managed to turn the ground around Prime into green kryptonite of the Earth Prime universe.

Is Superman Prime affected by kryptonite?

Kal-El Prime, as well as Kal-L, has been shown to be immune to the Kryptonite of the New Earth Universe. ... However, artificial Kryptonite conjured by Element Lad from the Legion of Super-Heroes has been shown able to harm him.

How strong is Superman Prime million?

Superhuman Speed: Superman Prime One Million has the ability to move and fly incredibly fast. He can likely achieve speeds trillions of times faster than light. Superhuman Stamina: Superman Prime One Million's Kryptonian physiology allows him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undetermined amount of time.

How many times has Superman nearly destroyed the Earth?

By my calculations, Superman has not only Never Saved the Universe, but he has nearly Destroyed the Earth on Three Separate Occasions: He once flew around the Earth trying to catch his Shadow and inadvertently caused the Earth to stop rotating.

How did Superman save the universe in the comics?

During the Final Crisis event Superman actually saves the universe twice as he also stops Mandraxx from consuming the multiverse by combining his consciousness with Ultra-Man (evil version of Superman) and controlling the ‘Thought Robot” which was able to defeat Mandraxx thus saving the Multiverse yet again.

Are there any beings that can destroy a planet?

Just one of them, Ganthet, was described by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner as being able to destroy a planet with a single punch! IF they all got together, Dark Phoenix would suffer the same fate as the powerful being known as Parallax, who the Guardians of the Universe captured centuries ago.

Is it possible for Goku to beat Superman Prime?

So yeah Goku could beat Supetman Prime. Yes goku can beat superman prime. Superman prime has at most universal durability. Ssgod goku has attacks with that much force. Now goku is even stronger with ssb and ui. So yes goku can knock him out quick but it might take him a while to kill him.

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