Can Thor fly without Stormbreaker?


Can Thor fly without Stormbreaker?

Can Thor fly without Stormbreaker?

Just like Mjolnir, Stormbreaker allows Thor to fly at super speeds and summon it with his hand. ... Anyone physically strong enough to lift and use Stormbreaker can use it. They do not have the power of Thor, so they cannot fly, or summon lightning using it, but can use it as just a powerful battle axe.

Does Thor have power without his hammer?

Once Odin removed the enchantment (preventing Thor from ever turning back into Donald Blake), Thor retained his full power whether or not he held onto his hammer. Later, however, Thor had to contend with several other people who were found worthy of Mjolnir.

Does Thor get a new hammer?

Last year, Thor lost his iconic hammer, Mjolnir, during the events of Thor: Ragnarok. ... Eventually, Odin created a new hammer for Bill he called Stormbreaker, and Bill has used it to defend the universe ever since.

Is Thor stronger with or without his hammer?

Without Mjolnir, Thor should, in theory, be extremely durable, strong, and fast . Not all of this strength is linked exclusively to Mjolnir. Thor is commonly regarded as one of the strongest Asgardians in terms of raw power.

Can Thor fly without Stormbreaker?

While this question has not been definitively answered, we believe that Thor is able to fly without either the Stormbreaker or Mjolnir, as was exhibited in Thor: Ragnarok, but it may be that the weapons augment his flight abilities to a certain degree.

Who can lift Mjolnir?

Long answer: The characters that could lift the Mjolnir hammer of Thor came from many tribes in the Nine Worlds. The list includes Brokkr and Eitri the dwarves, Loki (in dispute), Thrym the frost giant, Magni and Modi (Thor's sons). This happened before Thor possessed the Mjolnir hammer.

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