Can Saitama actually one punch anyone?


Can Saitama actually one punch anyone?

Can Saitama actually one punch anyone?

Nothing and no one can defeat Saitama, unless someone finds a loop hole. ... For those who haven't watched this anime, it's about a man named Saitama whose one punch is able to defeat anybody who comes in his way. He's a superhero just for fun since there is no charm in fighting people he knows he can defeat easily.

Can 1 punch man die?

Lack of oxygen: against Boros, Saitama shows that he needs to breath to live. Starving: Saitama needs to drink water and eat. Sleep deprivation: Saitama seems to need to sleep, too. Aging: Saitama should age, so one day he will eventually die of old age.

Has Saitama never been punched?

All Saitama did was fire off three punches at once with a very dulled down version of his Consecutive Normal Punches. He was likely just showing off his combo move because Beast King was. Originally Answered: Has Saitama ever lost in the One Punch Man manga?

How did Saitama get his one punch power?

Saitama, in order to achieve his immense power, did 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and a 10 kilometer run, every day, no exceptions. After three years, he noticed his hair had fallen out, and he could defeat any monster with one punch. Sound easy? That's because it kind of is.

What's the only thing that can kill Saitama?

The only thing that can canonically kill him is the Undertaker’s scythe. In a hand-to-hand battle, he’s often been victorious over other powerful supernatural creatures. Thus, there’s no denying he could easily survive Saitama’s punches.

How does Goku survive his first punch in One Punch Man?

The existence of the Dragon Balls alone gives Goku the chance of surviving Saitama's first punch. Even if the Saiyan were taken out, his friends, family, and Shenron would bring him back just in time for the ambitious brawler to test Saitama's strength again.

Are there any characters that can survive Saitama?

Thus, there’s no denying he could easily survive Saitama’s punches. Giorno makes an appearance in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5. One of his best weapons is Gold Experience which gives him the power to create or manipulate life.

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