Can Jiren be defeated?


Can Jiren be defeated?

Can Jiren be defeated?

Dragon Ball Super finished its anime series with the big Tournament of Power battle between Goku and Jiren, and in an unexpected turn, Goku actually lost the fight, and needed the teamwork of old foes (Freeza and Android 17) in order to finally beat Jiren, and bring home the win for Universe 7.

Is Gogeta stronger than Kefla?

1 Stronger Alternative: Gogeta While Kefla is definitely one of the strongest fusions in Dragon Ball, it would be hard to argue that Gogeta isn't leagues above her. ... In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Gogeta further demonstrated his strength after defeating Hearts, who even remarked that he had enough power to defeat Zeno.

Is Vegito blue stronger than Jiren?

Vegito Blue only may have surpassed Beerus, while Jiren is confirmed above Beerus. Seriously man, Jiren is NOT confirmed to be the stronger than the Gods of Destruction. It is just a theory created by the gods.

Will Goku beat Jiren?

For starters, Goku did not defeat Jiren. Jiren was defeated by a combined sacrifice from Goku and Frieza who both knew they had no chance of beating Jiren unless they threw themselves out of the ring with him.

Is Jiren The villain?

Though originally depicted as a heroic champion of his universe, Jiren emerged as a true villain toward the end of the saga when the threat of losing caused him to purposely launch a lethal attack on the audience. Following Goku's battle with Jiren, he and Vegeta had to team up against a fellow Saiyan in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

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