Quem é mais forte que WHIS?


Quem é mais forte que WHIS?

Quem é mais forte que WHIS?

Vados é a irmã de Whis e já revelou que é mais forte do que ele.

Quem é mais forte Whis ou Daishinkan?

É dito que ele é um dos cinco guerreiros mais poderosos de todos os universos, senão o mais poderoso. No mangá, na verdade, Whis elege Daishinkan como o lutador mais forte de todos os 12 Universos.

Is it possible for Beerus to beat Moro?

Beerus can beat Moro. It is said that Beerus is very strong and can destroy the whole solar system with little effort. After eliminating a whole planet with a minute bit of his energy, his power did not diminish. Rather, he still dominated Super Saiyan 3 Goku in battle and rendered him unconscious with just a light chop to the neck.

Who are the characters that can't beat Moro?

He showed the fans what he was capable of during the Tournament of Power arc of the series. Strong as he is, Dyspo is still very reliant on his speed. Although it is possible for him to dodge Moro's Ki drain, he can't deliver fatal blows, meaning he'll eventually tire and lose. Whis is the Angel attendant of Beerus, the Hakaishin of Universe 7.

Are there any Saiyans who can beat Moro?

Gohan doesn't have what it takes to defeat him. Vegeta is another Saiyan who lives on Earth and defends it from all incoming threats. Although he is plenty powerful already, he wants to get stronger and surpass Goku. Like Goku, he clashed against Moro once and lost the battle easily.

Can a person beat Moro in Dragon Ball Z?

After having broken free, Moro defeated even the likes of Goku and Vegeta, who failed to put up any sort of a fight against him. With tremendous magical powers and the ability to grow stronger by eating planets, Moro is almost impossible to defeat. However, there are a few who can manage this feat.

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