Can I have 2 PS4 with same account?


Can I have 2 PS4 with same account?

Can I have 2 PS4 with same account?

Unfortunately, if you have more than one PS4 or PS5, you'll need another account with PS Plus for each extra console you have. That's because benefits can only be shared from the primary account to other accounts on the same console, and there can only be one primary account per console.

How many PS4 can use the same account?

You can activate a PlayStation system on as many SEN accounts as the highest number of possible local user accounts on the system. This means that you can activate a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 on up to 16 SEN accounts at once and you can activate a PS Vita, PSP or PS TV on one account at any one time.

Can I activate 2 PS4 as primary?

Each player can have one PS4 console activated as the primary PS4 console for their account. Go to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4.

Can PS Plus be shared on PS5?

Can I share PlayStation Plus with a friend on another console? No. You can only share your games and PlayStation Plus benefits with accounts on one PS5 console with Console Sharing and Offline Play activated and your primary PS4 console.

How can I use two ps4s in one house?


  1. Allocate one of your children's PSN and PlayStation Console as the “master” ...
  2. Create PSN accounts for all of your children. ...
  3. Login and Activate the master. ...
  4. Login to the second PlayStation with the master PSN account. ...
  5. Login to all PlayStations with the other children's PSN's.

How do I share my PS4 games on two consoles?

How to gameshare on PS4

  1. On the console that you want to share games with, log in with your PlayStation account.
  2. Select "Settings."
  3. Select "Account Management." Start Settings and then go to Account Management to start gamesharing. ...
  4. Select "Activate as Your Primary PS4." ...
  5. Confirm this choice by selecting "Activate."

How many times can I activate PS4 as primary?

It's important to note that a primary PS4 can only be deactivated once every six months, but once deactivated, you can add a new primary device at any time. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

What happens when you activate PS4 as primary?

When you set a primary PS4, all other users of that PS4 can enjoy the digital content you own, even if they are not logged in to your account. For example, I buy Minecraft. My brother can then log into his account and play the game, even though he never bought it.

Can I get banned for game Sharing on PS4?

This feature is also known as “Share Play”. Game sharing makes it to where you can have access to all the games that your friend owns for free! Although game sharing is not recommended, you won't get banned for using it at this time.

How do I make my PS5 my primary console?

To set a primary PS5 on PS5, you have to hit X on the Settings icon located at the top of the UI. Look for Users and Accounts and hit X. Scroll down and look for Other and Console Sharing and Offline Play, then hit X again.

Can you have two PS4s at the same time?

In the table provided, only one (1) account can be activated as the primary owner for the PS4. So you'll need two separate accounts, as each one will be assigned a PS4 to it. Now in regards with just having one account to share, that's possible too.

How to share one PSN Plus membership with two PS4s?

1.) Have an account on your PS4 with PSN+ (if you already did this, then don't do it again) 2.) Have your GF make an account on her PS4 without PSN+ 3.) Load up your PSN+ account onto her PS4 4.) Make her system become the Primary in Settings > Playstation Account Management, then activate as Primary

Do you need more than one PS4 account?

What you can do to work around this is set one ps4 as the primary which lets you share your ps+ benefits with any account on that primary system. So you need a second account but you only need one plus account to get full online access. As Kenny said I think they can use your downloaded digital games as well.

How can I make a second PS4 account?

Using these steps, you can make the first account, tie it to the first PS4 and buy the majority of games onto it. Make the second account, tie it to the second PS4, log-in and save the first account's credentials to the second PS4 as well to share those games between the two systems.

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