Does Cyborg have private parts?


Does Cyborg have private parts?

Does Cyborg have private parts?

But if we were to think about it, we might presume that we're expected to believe that other male heroes have genitals. We know that Cyborg does not. ... (Genitals do not define gender or sexual power, but they are often tied to an individual's relationship with their sexual, gender, and cultural identities.)

Can Cyborg be killed?

Despite being decapitated, Cyborg survived due to the technology inside him for five years and managed to send a signal to the survivors after discovering a tracker Batman had hidden inside him.

Can Cyborg go underwater?

8 He can breathe underwater Cyborg has that ability, too, thanks to an upgrade to Victor's original systems. Being part machine means that Cyborg can often undergo upgrades.

Is cyborg good or evil?

Cyborg is the unspoken hero in Justice League, and carries the burden of carrying alien technology around with him at all time. ... As a character, Cyborg may be the newest member of the Justice League, but he's just proven himself to be one of the most important.

How fast can cyborg run?

As the name suggests, it allows the cyborg to move at high speeds with the fastest being Mach 5 though some users appear to move at even higher speeds.

What kind of weapons can a cyborg make?

Cyborg can create many different kinds of weapons from his armor's arms, but one of the more interesting ones is the noise cannon that he has built in. The noise canon gives Cyborg the ability to both create and manipulate noise.

What does a cyborg do to an electrical device?

On top of being protected from energy coming at his body, Cyborg can also emit an EMP blast at any electrical devices. What this does is allow Cyborg to knock out any electrical devices around the vicinity, another strong weapon when his team is heading in for a targeted attack.

Is the body of a cyborg invulnerable?

Cyborg's body and bones may be almost invulnerable, but as comic books, movies, and TV shows have shown over the years, he can be hurt and injured. However, Cyborg possesses regenerative abilities called Technorganic Restoration.

Can a cyborg fly with a rocket Blaster?

Cyborg can already fly with rocket blasters, but he also has a secondary took built into his feet that give him a second mode of transportation. Cyborg has what is called Jump Jets. A good comparison of this is the Incredible Hulk, who can't fly but can jump long distances using only his leg strength.

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