Who could defeat Smaug?


Who could defeat Smaug?

Who could defeat Smaug?

The townsmen's arrows and spears proved useless against the dragon's armoured body. The thrush told Bard the Bowman of Smaug's one weak spot, a bare patch on the dragon's belly. With his last arrow, Bard killed Smaug by shooting into this place.

Was Smaug the weakest dragon?

10 Smaug is Not The Strongest Dragon Undeniably, Smaug is the Greatest Dragon left in Middle Earth during the Third Age. Yet he is not the strongest to have existed previously. ... When faced with defeat, Morgoth unleashed his last and greatest weapon in the form of winged fire drakes, led by Ancalagon.

What is Smaug afraid of?

The Dragon makes his full appearance in the second part. Thrain confirms Gandalf's fears of Smaug being a servant to an unseen evil force, later revealed to be Sauron.

Can Smaug destroy the One Ring?

Could Smaug have destroyed the one ring when Bilbo was at the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit? Dragons fire did end some of the Dwarf rings. But no such force could end the one ring.

Is Smaug stronger than Gandalf?

Going back to the story, it is possible that in a vacuum Gandalf is more powerful than Smaug. But that guarantees nothing. Tolkien may have watched the best men in his regiment get killed by chance. Conflict is unpredictable, and there is always a chance that something could go wrong.

Is Smaug the last dragon?

Smaug was the last named dragon of Middle-earth. He was slain by Bard, a descendant of Girion, Lord of Dale. ... Smaug had only a single weakness: there was a hole in his jewel encrusted underbelly on his left breast area.

How old is Smaug?

Certainly dragons live very, very long-- Glaurung had been 'brooding' for a century, and was still considered to be juvenile. Smaug was at very least ~180 years old by the time he was slain.

Did smaug serve Sauron?

Despite there being a connection between them – as both are connected to Morgoth in some way – Smaug and Sauron never worked together. It was an alliance Gandalf and the White Council feared, but it never happened since, as far as we know, the two of them never even met in The Hobbit.

Did smaug sense the ring?

Smaug stirred from his sleep, suspicious that someone was in the chamber with him. ... Smaug continued his search and claimed that he was aware of the ring in Bilbo's possession and that he sensed that Bilbo has something "made of gold, but far more precious," which in turn forced the Hobbit to remove the ring.

Who is bigger Smaug vs drogon?

Drogon is a very young dragon and still barely large enough to get Dany into the sky… Smaug is gigantic, not to mention that Smaug talks and would probably have an intellectual advantage. But Balerion could give Smaug some trouble; they're more equivalent in the size and ferocity department.”

Why did Gandalf need to kill Smaug first?

Gandalf needed not only Smaug gone, but a stronghold of free peoples reestablished. Had Gandalf simply turned up and destroyed the dragon, the dwarf-hoard would have remained there unguarded, almost certainly to become a source of terrible strife among the people in the north. This is covered in Appendix A of Lord of the Rings:

Which is better, the Balrog or the Smaug?

So, the Balrog vs Smaug might go a couple of rounds, but I think Smaug would win out on cunning and strength. I would guess even Smaug’s fire would do little to a fire demon.

What kind of Ring did Gandalf the Grey have?

Gandalf possessed the ring Narya which was the fire ring of the three elven rings. This may have offered some protection from Smaug’s breath, we actually will never know, but even if it did, Smaug was huge and had plenty of strength, teeth and claws. Gandalf the Grey’s mortal body would likely have been destroyed.

How did Gandalf get the Arkenstone in The Hobbit?

So if memory serves right, the premise of the Hobbit is that Gandalf gets this rag-tag team together to retrieve the Arkenstone, so that the Dwarves can reunite, so that they can take back their homeland, so that they get rid of Smaug, so that Sauron can't use him. So they get Bilbo to sneak in there to get the stone.

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