Who is the closest to beating Goku?


Who is the closest to beating Goku?

Who is the closest to beating Goku?

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Goku

  • Saitama (One Punch Man) ...
  • Nanika (Hunter x Hunter) ...
  • Eri (My Hero Academia) ...
  • Shigeo Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100) ...
  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass) ...
  • Ryuuk (Death Note) ...
  • Anos Voldigoad ( The Misfit of Demon King Academy) ...
  • Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Can Zen Oh beat Goku?

9 Stronger: Zen-Oh All Dragon Ball Z fans know who Zen-Oh is, and they are well aware of just how powerful this character really is. This article wouldn't be complete without him, and yes, he is obviously much more powerful than Goku. ... He can't be destroyed and even Goku's heroics can't change that fact.

Why does BoJack want to kill Gohan in Dragon Ball Z?

Bojack proceeds to grab Gohan in a deadly stranglehold, also saying that he wants to thank Goku for freeing them and that killing Gohan would send him a message. Goku is angry of what is happening to his son, even asking King Kai if there is something to do, to which King Kai only replies by shaking his head.

Who is better BoJack or base Goku?

Bojack is about on the level of regular Perfect Cell, so he should win w/ high diff. Goku would curb him. He took a hit from base Goku and was shocked at his power during the movie. @avatarofdeath: It was a cheap shot.

Who is stronger BoJack or SSJ Buu Saga?

Bojack is basically as strong as perfect cell , so ssj buu saga should lose with mid-high difficulty. Bojack would win. Goku at SSJ2 wasn’t exponentially stronger than SSJ2 Gohan. I know it was probably a pep talk, but Goku still told Gohan that when he gets angry enough there isn’t anybody who can stand up to him.

Who is stronger Goku or Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

As the main character, Goku is stronger than Vegeta and could likely beat him in a fight if the two went head to head. But it’s very unlikely something like this would manifest in modern Dragon Ball where Goku and Vegeta are depicted as consistent equals.

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