Can Drogon bring Daenerys back to life?


Can Drogon bring Daenerys back to life?

Can Drogon bring Daenerys back to life?

If Drogon brings Daenerys back to this place, where magic and dragons reign from, Kinvara could bring her back. Drogon probably doesn't know all of this; he is just a dragon, after all. ... Melisandre brought Jon back; a cohort of them could quickly bring Daenerys back, too.

Does Daenerys dragon come back?

After the battle, Drogon returns to where he left Daenerys. Wounded and exhausted, he comforts his mother as she mourns the death of Ser Jorah. Drogon returns to Dragonstone. ... With the death of Rhaegal, Drogon is now the last living dragon in the world.

Did Drogon take Daenerys to Valyria?

He is of course referring to the heart-breaking nuzzle from Drogon after understanding that Daenerys was unresponsive. Instead, they confirmed, Drogon took her to Volantis – the homeland of the Targaryens and the dragons they commanded.

Why did Drogon take Daenerys?

So, what did he do with her body? David Benioff and D.B. Weiss revealed that Drogon flew Dany's corpse to her true home of Volantis. After that, it's unclear as to what Drogon did, though some fans believe he took her to see Kinvara in an effort to resurrect her.

Where did Drogon take dead Daenerys?

Drogon finds her body in the Red Keep and heartbreakingly nudges his mom to wake up, but when he realizes she's gone, he burns the Iron Throne with dragonfire, scoops her up, and flies away. That marks the mother-son duo's final scene in the episode, and in effect, the entire series.

Why did Drogon spare Jon Snow?

Drogon, the finale's script notes, "wants to burn the world, but he will not kill Jon." ... Because of that, he would have known that she loved Jon until the very end, and that she had been corrupted by the seat of power, and so Jon Snow didn't deserve to die for killing her in the Game of Thrones series finale.

Who is bigger smaug vs Drogon?

Drogon is a very young dragon and still barely large enough to get Dany into the sky… Smaug is gigantic, not to mention that Smaug talks and would probably have an intellectual advantage. But Balerion could give Smaug some trouble; they're more equivalent in the size and ferocity department.”

Why did Drogon stare at Jon?

So when Rhaegal and Drogon stare at Jon, it's not anything malicious. It's pure respect. That said, the timing of the scene suggests that even if the dragons are cool with Jon, Jon himself is still a little uneasy around them. They are, after all, gigantic flying beasts who devour children and breathe fire.

Is Drogon pregnant?

Drogon could be pregnant In George R.R. Martin's books, dragons are described as being gender fluid. So even though Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion were all named after men, they may be biologically capable of gestating and laying eggs. So in theory, one —or several — of those dragons could have lain eggs long ago.

Where did Drogon take Daenerys body at the end of Game of Thrones?

Where Does Drogon Take Daenerys' Body at the End of 'Game of Thrones'? After eight seasons and 73 episodes, Game of Thrones came to an end Sunday night. At the end of the series, Daenerys Targaryen is defeated by Jon Snow. Drogon, Dany's one remaining dragon, carries her away from King's Landing.

Why did Drogon take Daenerys to Volantis?

If the idea is that Drogon wants to be alone to grieve with Dany's body, it's the most plausible location. The other possibility is that Drogon took Daenerys to Volantis, in the hope that she could be brought back to life.

Why was Daenerys Targaryen brought back to life?

Just because Daenerys is brought back to life doesn't mean she'll be the same Daenerys everyone knew. The Children of the Forest are responsible for the Night King, turning a human into an almost unstoppable zombie.

How did Melisandre bring Daenerys back from the dead?

In Game of Thrones, Melisandre, who is from Asshai, was able to bring people back from the dead through the Lord of the Light. She was arguably one of the most powerful people in Westeros, but died after helping living defeat the Night King. If another person with such ability existed in Essos, they could possibly bring Daenerys back from the dead.

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