Can science make real Hulk?


Can science make real Hulk?

Can science make real Hulk?

Gamma rays are blamed for making Bruce Banner the Incredible Hulk. ... A gamma ray packs at least 10,000 times more energy than a visible light ray. Unlike the Incredible Hulk, gamma rays are not green — lying as they do beyond the visible spectrum, gamma rays have no color at all that we can describe.

Is it possible to turn into the Hulk?

How does The Hulk transform? Different versions of The Hulk give us different reasons for his transformation. In all of them, a high dose of gamma rays are involved. The gamma rays mutate Bruce Banner's DNA and cause him to transform into The Hulk whenever he's angry.

Is the Hulk technically human?

The Hulk is a “man who becomes a monster,” but did you know he technically isn't human, even after he reverts to Bruce Banner? The Incredible Hulk is famous for being one of the first Marvel monsters who originally had a secret identity.

Is Hulk's blood radioactive?

Bruce Banner/The Hulk's (Marvel Comics) blood is primed with gamma radiation... ... including blood, which proved troublesome when he gave his Aunt May a blood transfusion... ...and semen, which led to Mary Jane's death by radiation poisoning in the Earth-70237 reality.

Why is Hulk so strong?

In fact, in the comics, Hulk's strength is also tied to radiation, and the more radiation he absorbs, the more powerful he gets. This is what happened in one comic book series, and it's also why CBR said that the Hulk is the most powerful Avenger.

Can the Hulk talk?

Contrary to what many believe, in the comics, and even Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes the cartoon TV series, the Hulk has been seen to speak quite often. While his vocabulary and grammar is in no way, shape, or form close to his counterpart, Bruce Banner, he still speaks fairly clearly.

What is the Hulk's name when he's human?

Bruce Banner Hulk
Bruce Banner Hulk
Created byStan Lee Jack Kirby
In-story information
Alter egoRobert Bruce Banner
SpeciesHuman mutate

Is Hulk a monster?

The Hulk is one of the best known superheroes in comic book history. Despite his heroic status among the rest of the Marvel universe's superpowered community, he is more often than not viewed as a monster by society.

Can Hulk beat Thanos?

However, when Hulk is at his angriest, he becomes a world-breaking goliath and an unstoppable force. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos beats Hulk without help from the Infinity Gauntlet. ... Thanos is an absolute brute even without the Gauntlet, but when Hulk is at his worst, he would smash Thanos through the cosmos.

Is it possible to become the Hulk in real life?

That depends are we speaking real life or a what if scenario, the hulk was blasted by gamma rays if in real life you got a dose of gamma radiation you'd surely die so that's out of the question.

Is the Incredible Hulk invincible in science fiction?

In the one-shot comic " Hulk: The End " written by Peter David, Hulk is almost invincible. He survives a nuclear holocaust when no one else does. Although, Bruce Banner is not invincible.

Is it possible for Bruce Banner to become the Hulk?

Yes he can, but he is almost invincible to anything. Bruce Banner doesn't want to be the Hulk and he can't change it, when he gets mad he transforms.

What kind of powers does the Hulk have?

Hyperion is Marvel's answer to Superman, with many of the same powers as the Kryptonian. Hulk is a very tough customer but when it comes right down to it, he's pretty limited as a combatant- he can punch and kick superlatively hard and jump really far.

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