What is the email of JYP Entertainment?


What is the email of JYP Entertainment?

What is the email of JYP Entertainment?

TWICE GLOBAL on Twitter: "e-mail [email protected] about your problem.

Who is the real owner of JYP Entertainment?

JYP Entertainment
Native nameJYP 엔터테인먼트
RevenueUS$128 million (2019)
Net incomeUS$26.

Is JYP strict?

JYP Entertainment, the agency behind Twice and Got7, is famous for maintaining a strict no dating rule until three years after an artist has emerged in the public eye.

How is the CEO of JYP Entertainment?

Jung Wook has been CEO of JYPE since 2011. However, JY Park still has a lot of power in the company. He is a major shareholder, producer, and artist, basically meaning that he makes a lot of the important decisions within the company.

Can I call JYP?

Jyp Entertainment Contact Phone Number is : +1 212-273-3480 JYP Entertainment is a private record Company of Music. that was setup in by park Jin Young who is the Owner of the agency. Head offICE of the Company is located in Seoul, South Korea.

Does JYP accept fan mail?

Anybody can send fan letters / small message books for SKZ to the JYP Center address: [Member Name], JYP Center, 205 Gangdongdae-ro, Gangdong-gu Seoul, postal code: 05407 This address has been available on Fan's for a long time!

Why did rain leave JYP?

In 2007, Rain left JYP Entertainment to start his own company, J. Tune Entertainment, but still retains his collaborative relationship with Park Jin-young.

Who is the richest Kpop group?

Though BTS is the Richest Kpop Group 2021 there are other Kpop groups that come under the category most rich Kpop group 2021. Further TWICE is the Most Rich Kpop Group 2021 girl only band. Given below are these Kpop groups that come under the most rich Kpop group 2021 category.

Can JYP trainees date?

Even after the trainee's debut, there are still many rules JYP Entertainment has implemented to their artists, and one of those rules is the dating ban. The dating ban rules are that a trainee/artist is banned from dates for three years as Park Jin Young believes that dating serves only as a distraction to artists.

Is JYP Entertainment a good company?

I have noticed that a lot of people think that JYP is a great company, and the best in the Big 3, but let me tell you that JYP is also as bad as YG and SM. Firstly, as we all know, JYP only takes care of the girl groups, Twice and ITZY.

How to contact JYP or SM Entertainment through email?

Drive sales and revenue using advanced email and SMS marketing automation and powerful personalization. They don’t have an email address to send in auditions, only the online audition option is available: JYP AUDITION

How to audition for JYP Entertainment in India?

For audition initial step you have to visit the official website of JYP entertainment. On the official page you will see “JYP Online Audition”. Below that you will see a Apply button. Click on it and you will be redirected to a new page.

What are the rules for JYP Entertainment trainees?

1. No entering bars with only women servers This is a rule that applies to everyone in JYP Entertainment, not just trainees. Park Jin Young once shared that all people at the company are banned from entering bars with only women servers. These bars usually only hire women to cater to male customers.

Who is the founder of JYP Entertainment?

JYP Entertainment is a South Korean multinational entertainment company and a record label which is started in year 1997. This company was started by JY Park. This is one of the biggest entertainment company which is existed in South Korea. The main work of this company is to record labels, found talent, produce music and publish music.

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