Is Lex Luthor stronger than Superman?


Is Lex Luthor stronger than Superman?

Is Lex Luthor stronger than Superman?

This moment of rare weakness shows that Superman is stronger than Lex, even with the physical playing field balanced. It is Superman's will that pushes him through and, ultimately, saves his life. Utilizing the last fragments of his super strength, the Man of Steel cripples Lex's warsuit and flies away.

How does Lex Luthor kill Superman?

He became a hero, but it was all a ruse. One day, Luthor lured Superman into a trap and killed him using Kryptonite rays.

Can Lex Luthor beat Thanos?

Given time, Lex could probably figure out a way to defeat Thanos, but Thanos isn't known for giving his opponents time to think. While Lex's armor is powerful enough to stand up to Superman (who is definitely stronger than Thanos), Thanos has so much more to him than physical strength. He's just too much for Lex.

Can Thor beat Lex Luthor?

By nature of Thor's strength, Lex would almost definitely be in the Warsuit, not for an advantage in power, but so he can survive if Thor gets close.

What is Lex Luthor's weakness?

7 What is Lex Luthor's weakness? As powerful as Lex Luthor is, he is human and all humans have weaknesses. Perhaps Luthor's greatest weakness is his pride. He is so arrogant that he assumes all of his schemes will work out as planned, just because he's a genius and he came up with them.

Can Superman beat Brainiac?

When taking a physical form, Brainiac has super strength, which makes for a tougher fight for Superman. Ultimately, it is Brainiac's technology combined with his twelfth-level intellect that makes him one of Superman's most formidable foes.

Why does Lex Luther want to kill Superman?

The reason Lex Luthor wants to kill Superman will always be the same. He does not trust an alien to protect human kind. (Xenophobic much?) He thinks humans should be able to do that themselves and he wants to be the one to do it.

Why does Lex Luther hate Superman?

Luthor hates Superman because he can't stand the fact that an ALIEN came out of nowhere and usurped his position in Metropolis. He's also threatened because he sees himself as a superior specimen so Clark kind of makes him less than average, which he cannot abide.

Is Lex Luthor smarter than Batman?

Lex Luthor is smarter than Batman by great volumes. For virtually his entire publication history, Lex has been depicted as the most intelligent human in the DC Universe, and as one of the most intelligent beings of any planet or species.

What is better Batman or Superman?

Although Batman was once proclaimed to be the best superhero among all others, many believe that Superman is far better than Batman. The reason is that Superman has a humane character. His value for respect, humility and life made him exude a positive character that is well emanated from by others.

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