Is Moro stronger than Beerus?


Is Moro stronger than Beerus?

Is Moro stronger than Beerus?

4 Can Beat: Beerus And His God Of Destruction Skills Assert His Dominance Over Moro. Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and quite easily one the strongest in Dragon Ball. Being a God of Destruction, Beerus possesses tremendous strength that can only be matched by a handful of characters in the series.

Can Moro kill Beerus?

Judging based off the manga up to chapter 61, Moro would overpower Beerus. The thing is Beerus would probably use a sealing technique on Moro like he did to Elder Kai and that would spell his defeat. If he doesn't use a sealing technique though then Moro would straight-up overpower him then drain him.

Can Moro defeat Jiren?

There is no solid basis that you can use to scale that Jiren can beat Moro, nor Moro can beat Jiren. Here's the thing… It is true though that Goku and Vegeta has already gotten stronger after the Tournament of Power. They have also gotten stronger as well after their fight with Broly.

Who defeats Moro?

Goku Once he faced Goku with Perfected Ultra Instinct Moro was completely overtaken by him even after increasing his power up to maximum and trying to use the Earth's energy against him, being so brutally beaten by Goku that he begged for his life.

Can Mori beat Goku?

While it would be an epic fight, Goku most likely has the most chance of winning. Admittedly, this is a tough fight to call since both characters are compelling martial arts experts. One advantage for Mori is that his speed does exceed Goku's, but the Saiyan's strength outperforms Mori's.

Is Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta real?

Vegeta completely skipped the Super Saiyan 3 transformation in the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta has gone Super Saiyan 3 in the video games and the Dragon Ball Heroes web series, but not once has he ever made use of this form in canon.

Who's stronger Jiren or Moro?

No, Jiren is still the strongest. This poll is now closed. For some reason people think Moro, who is stated to be weaker than SSB, is stronger than Jiren. ... Reminder: Jiren one-shot Mastered UI after hours of fighting in light-speed.

Is Moro a God?

It's neither heroic nor villainous - it's simply a force of the cosmos. There are several big clues that Moro could have once been a God of Destruction: He looks down on virtually every being, and even warriors like Goku and Vegeta, to be far beneath him.

Is Mori Jin A Goku?

This isn't to say that Mori is a Goku rip-off, however. ... In essence, The God of High School has seemingly all but confirmed that Mori shares the same source of inspiration as Dragon Ball's Goku, and may just be a modern incarnation of the Monkey King himself.

Does Jin Mori beat Daewi?

This moment signals the start of the most epic fight that has taken place, and while Daewi finally loses, both him and Mori sport enormous smiles.

Why is Beerus not interested in fighting Moro?

Just as Moro has defeated Goku, Vegeta appears along with a super power-up. Despite that, Moro doesn’t seem to take much damage. While Beerus and Whis are seen observing this battle, the former shows no interest in fighting Moro even after seeing Vegeta and Goku lose.

Who is stronger Moro or Beerus in Dragon Ball Z?

In fact, Beerus himself clearly stated that Whis is far more powerful than him. So there is absolutely no chance that Beerus can beat Whis. 5. Can Beerus defeat Moro? Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 and quite easily one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

Who is the god of Destruction Beerus or Moro?

Beerus will surely win. Beerus hold authentic position of God of destruction. At that time when Moro evaded Namek planet both Whis and Beerus came to know about it. But Beerus was sure that Son Goku and his team will take care of that problem.

Can you beat Beerus in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super established that, even with Super Saiyan Blue, Goku could not defeat Beerus. However, Goku has continued pushing the limits of his strength, increasing his potential of beating the powerful God.

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