Can Naruto beat SSJ3 Goku?


Can Naruto beat SSJ3 Goku?

Can Naruto beat SSJ3 Goku?

While Naruto isn't as strong as Goku, he can still fight, and stand a chance against Goku. But people are saying that Naruto is the weakest thing alive, and that Puar can beat him, or that Goku can beat him by looking at him funny.

Is Super Saiyan 3 weak?

SSJ3 isnt weak but it wasnt shown off much due to the fact that he couldnt use it for very long, it took too much power too maintain. Remember that SSJ3 is still strong enough to defeat Majin Buu.

What does Goku have to do to beat Naruto?

Honestly, Goku might not even have to do much when it comes to fighting Naruto. The Saiyan might just stand there and let Naruto have his fun while he scrolls through social media for a couple hours because Naruto would just drop from exhaustion trying to beat him.

Which is better, Naruto or Goku in Saiyan God?

Goku was at the time only in Super Saiyan God. In terms of pure Taijutsu, indeed, Naruto is undoubtedly not the most gifted Ninja (although having a more than honorable level). On the other hand, by taking into account its transformations, things are improving drastically.

How can Goku defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z?

Even with his Super Saiyan 3 power, Goku already possessed enough strength to defeat both Majin Buu. His Super Saiyan God transformation would be more than enough to reduce even Kid Buu to a lifeless pink blob.

Which is stronger, Goku or Naruto in Ultra Instinct?

Goku. The Saiyan who grew up on earth is strong, powerful. We have seen throughout the series that his fists can demolish mountains, even planets. During his state in Ultra instinct, he largely outperformed Jiren; this warrior scared the gods of destruction. They also stood up to applaud on Goku’s power level.

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