Can Itachi beat base Madara?


Can Itachi beat base Madara?

Can Itachi beat base Madara?

7 CAN'T BEAT MADARA: Itachi Uchiha While Itachi Uchiha was strong in his own right, he certainly wasn't even close to Madara Uchiha's level. With the Six Paths Powers at his disposal, there's absolutely no way for Madara to lose to Itachi, no matter what.

Did Itachi not kill Madara?

Not exactly. Sasuke, his younger brother, is said to be one of the strongest shinobi to have ever lived with both the Sharingan and the Rinnegan; despite that he failed to manage to completely defeat said shinobi alone — or defeat him at all. Madara was assumed long dead in the clan.

Who is the fastest Uchiha?

1 The Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze Minato even possesses greater control over the technique, using it to earn the nickname The Yellow Flash. He is considered the fastest shinobi of all time and gained worldwide recognition for his abilities.

Was Itachi stronger than Madara?

Itachi in terms of Madara knowing that he plans stuff behind his back is troubling.

  • Purely in terms of strength.
  • In terms of stopping Madara from controlling Sasuke.

    Why Itachi is the strongest?

    Itachi is the strongest because he is Itachi. He has a powerful kekkei genkai's and his genjutsu can easily trap naruto because naruto cannot handle genjutsu of that extreme. Madara was not wanting to tell the Itachi that he knew his history because he was afraid that Itachi would plant Amaterasu in his mouth.

    Did Madara lie about Itachi?

    So the obvious answer is no, Madara didn't lie about Itachi. At least not about Itachi's true alligence. But he might have omitted some details about history or twisted them but I don't think they had much relevance to Itachi since whatever Madara said about him is written in his databook profile in more detail.

    Could Itachi beat pain?

    Itachi has no chance of defeating pain, it literally impossible for him to beat pain. The answer with the most upvote in this question is so stupid all he did was name the abilities of pain and Itachi then gave some fake ass weakness and say itachi is going to win without any proof or any logic.

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