Does Naruto ever get the byakugan?


Does Naruto ever get the byakugan?

Does Naruto ever get the byakugan?

25 Doesn't: Byakugan Though Boruto hasn't awoken his Byakugan yet, it's a definitive trait of the Hyuga half of him. Eventually, it will become a part of him. It's a powerful ability that will make him an even stronger ninja. ... This is something unique that comes from Hinata's bloodline.

Can Naruto get a rinnegan?

Naruto could obtain the Rinnegan by means of transplanting. The only option would be taking the eyes from uchiha madara whom already awaken the Rinnegan. On the other hand he could not awaken a Rinnegan by just mixing uchiha cell to his body.

Who can use byakugan?

Naruto: 10 Strongest Byakugan Users In The Franchise, Ranked

  • 3 Isshiki Otsutsuki.
  • 4 Hamura Otsutsuki. ...
  • 5 Kinshiki Otsutsuki. ...
  • 6 Urashiki Otsutsuki. ...
  • 7 Toneri Otsutsuki. ...
  • 8 Neji Hyuga. ...
  • 9 Hanabi Hyuga. ...
  • 10 Hinata Hyuga. Hinata is a member of the Hyuga clan and the wife of Naruto Uzumaki. ...

Can Naruto use Jougan?

10 Ability Of Jougan The Jougan has been revealed to be able to see and sense chakra. In the Naruto franchise, chakra is the power used to form the attacks the ninjas use.

Why does Boruto only have 1 byakugan?

According to Masashi Kishimoto, he simply forgot to give Boruto the byakugan. ... There's still a chance that Boruto has the byakugan, and it just hasn't manifested yet. However, it is more likely that the jougan is his only kekkei genkai. A popular fan theory is that the jougan may be an evolution of the byakugan.

Which eye is the most powerful in Naruto?

One of the Three Great Eyes in Naruto, the Rinnegan is the strongest eye of them all. It was first said to be wielded by Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths.

Does Boruto have Tenseigan or Byakugan?

This is why it is more likely that Boruto has the Tenseigan over the Byakugan. As the anime continues, they showcase Boruto's eye more and more, and there pattern in the eye is very similar to the Tenseigan that: they both have that blue tinted glow. they both have an animated pattern.

Does Himawari have Byakugan?

Himawari Does Have The Byakugan. Boruto is the first child of Naruto and Hinata. One snowy morning, Boruto and his younger sister rushed to greet their father who was training outside, excitedly asking him to play with them.

Why does Boruto have Jougan?

Jougan represents the pure Chakra originated from Hagoromo and Hamura's combined power. Boruto inherited Jougan because of his bloodline from Hinata and Naruto, not because Toneri who is the descendant of Otsutsuki clan. Kaguya Otsutsuki had two sons. One of her sons Hagoromo is the ancestor of Naruto.

What power does Boruto have?

Boruto uses Wind Release, Lightning Release and Water Release, he has a big reserve of Chakra and he is very strong in Taijutsu , Kenjutsu, shurikenjutsu, Tenketsu, he is strong in Shadow Clone Technique, Rasengan,Vanishing Rasengan, he has different powerful techniques that he uses with Wind, Lightning and Water,...

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